How CBD Will Make You Fall In Love With Sex All Over Again

“The brain is about a symphony,” writes Yasmin Hurd, a neuroscientist at Mount Sinai, in the New York Times. And CBD, she believes, can “bring the entire symphony into harmony.”

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But we all know that having good sex, especially with the same person after years and years and years, isn’t always an elegant symphony. And that’s okay. There’s just so much that can get in the way of being able to relax into intimacy and pleasure. It’s so hard to shut the door on our frenzied lives and ease into that still space of romance.  Many couples enjoy alcohol or use cannabis to foster romance and ease tension, but cannabis is psychotropic, and too much cannabis or alcohol can lead to a whole host of unwelcome outcomes. And then there’s the smell…

Which is why our cannabidiol intimacy oil is so revolutionary. It does the trick of easing you into romance without impairing your judgment. It’s not addictive either, so for those who don’t drink or smoke, it’s the best way to relax into sex with zero side effects or addictions.

The reason CBD and THC (the chemical cousin to CBD that gets you high; cannabidiol does not) works is because the human body has a network of cannabinoid receptors that latch on to these chemical compounds. 

They're located in our nervous system, immune system, digestive system, and the female reproductive system.

In other words, we're biologically programmed to use cannabidiol effectively for its anti-inflammation, muscle-relaxing, and pain-reducing benefits. And this has amazing results for sex in everything from increasing arousal to decreasing discomfort. 

When applied topically to the vagina, cannabidiol can help ease tension and tightness and promote circulation of blood. Each 30 ml bottle has 1000 mg of pure organic cannabidiol. That’s approximately 20 grams of CBD delivered with each application of 6-8 sprays. Because there are no negative side effects associated with cannabidiol, you can use more if you wish. 

Here’s what to do: Spray Plaisir de Grasse sensual CBD mist 6-8 times between your legs. Play with yourself.  Spray it on your partner. Play with him or her. If you’re alone, all the more time to play with yourself. 

Here’s what you’ll feel: After approximately 15 minutes, users report a symphonic sexual experience—a tingling sensation, increased blood flow and an overall blissful releasing of tension. The smell of the oil is intoxicating; the feel of it is sensual.  Users also report that their partners are coming home unexpectedly with unaccounted for smiles and greatly improved moods. 

PS… Many women are using it as an intimate perfume, no sex required.  It feels and smells that good.

*Not to be used with condoms.

Written by Svn Space

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