Questions About CBD? We’ve Got A Book For That.

Are you interested in CBD, but having trouble finding clear answers to questions like, “What kind of CBD should I buy?” and, “How much should I take?” Take a look at Gretchen Lidicker’s book, CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets.

As she points out in her introduction, when you start researching CBD you quickly figure out that it can be really hard to find clear answers. Instead, you’re likely to end up frustrated by a lot of contradictory information. The purpose of this book, according to Lidicker, is to help guide you through some of the confusion by providing clear and understandable information about CBD.

CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets: A Lifestyle Guide to Hemp-Derived Health and Wellness, by Gretchen Lidicker

Lidicker has a lot of experience researching different wellness treatments. She has a master’s degree in physiology and biophysics with a concentration on complementary and alternative medicine, and is currently the health editor for health and wellness website In addition to CBD Oil, Lidicker has written a book about the health benefits of magnesium (Magnesium: Everyday Secrets: A Lifestyle Guide to Nature’s Relaxation Mineral). On her website she explains her interest in natural wellness options like CBD, stating, “My greatest passion lies in teaching people that when it comes to their health, they have options.” While these options include modern medicine, she explains that other thing like lifestyle changes, alternative medicines, and natural supplements are also important options to consider.

The book starts with the basics; a discussion of what CBD is—and isn’t—and how it works in your body and brain. After that Lidicker talks about the history and legality of this compound, then she spends a couple of chapters detailing its many potential health benefits. As she is quick to point out, CBD is a complicated topic, however her use of short chapters and smaller sub-sections help break up her discussions of things like brain chemistry and extraction methods, and she manages to provide a lot of information about CBD without making you feel too overwhelmed by it all. Her conversational tone also makes this book a fairly easy read.

In addition to a lot of information about what CBD is and how it works in your body, Lidicker also offers some practical tips on how to proceed if you decide to give CBD a try. There is a chapter about how to shop for CBD, and one on how to start taking it. As you may have already discovered, these can be two of the most confusing things to figure out when it comes to CBD. Shopping can be confusing because the lack of government regulation of CBD products means that a product might not actually contain what it says on the label. In terms of dosage, there still hasn’t been a lot of research on CBD, and it can affect each person quite differently, so it can be really difficult to figure out how much to take. While she doesn’t pretend that there are easy answers to these questions, Lidicker does give a lot of helpful information about what to look for—and avoid—in a CBD product, and how to use CBD for the first time. For example, she provides a list of questions to ask a company about their CBD products.

While this is a book about CBD, Lidicker also talks a bit about THC. In her opinion, “If you care about CBD, you have to care about THC, too.” She says that this is because THC and CBD can actually complement each other in a number of different ways. While she acknowledges that many people have good reasons to avoid THC altogether—and she explains how to do so—she also talks about why you might want to consider trying a product with a bit of THC. She discusses some different options, for example she talks about the typical THC: CBD ratios that you can find for sale. 

The book ends with a lengthy recipe section, illustrated with full-page photos. Lidicker insists that taking CBD shouldn’t just be about getting it into your body, but that you should also enjoy the process. She calls simply dropping the oil under your tongue, “A little bit boring.” Instead, she says, “I’d rather make taking CBD a daily ritual that really forces me to slow down, like in the case of a CBD-infused bath bomb, or savor the taste of whatever CBD-infused treat I’m cooking up.” That’s what her recipes are all about; savoring and enjoying CBD. Once you see the pictures of Cookie Dough Bites and Chile Cheese Popcorn, you’ll probably be inspired to do just that. In addition to CBD, the recipes include other ingredients intended to enhance your health, like rosemary for memory and cacao powder for its antioxidant properties. Not all the recipes are for eating though. There are also a number of recipes for self-care products, including a Coffee + CBD Body Scrub and a Coconut Rose Bath Bomb.

While Lidicker is clearly excited about CBD and wants you to be excited as well, she stresses that CBD alone won’t magically cure all your problems. Your overall diet and lifestyle are important too, she says, and, “You can’t CBD oil your way out of a crappy diet and lifestyle routine.” Instead, Lidicker stresses that wellness comes from a combination of things. However, while CBD alone won’t solve all your problems, she does believe that it can be a very beneficial addition to your daily routine, and if that’s what you’re thinking about doing, this book might be a good addition to your bookshelf.  Now available in the web shop.

Written by Andrea Nakaya

Author and Svn Space contributor. Andrea is a native of New Zealand, and holds a BA in English and an MA in communications from San Diego State University. She has written numerous articles and more than fifty books and anthologies, on a wide variety of current issues.

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