The Best CBD Products for Beginners

This Beginner's Guide is brought to you by The Plant Lore

You’ve heard all the buzz, you’ve listened to a girlfriend, you’ve done your research, you’re open to a new alternative besides OTC (over the counter), your loved ones are not getting the relief they need and you’re looking for something more “natural”. Now you’re ready but the market has many credible (and not so credible) brands flooding the market so where do you start?

If you’ve read our article, “CBD is everywhere, is it getting out of control?” you’ll know to look for several things when vetting a new product, especially one that goes in and on your body. Despite this being a thousand-year-old plant ingredient used medicinally dating back as early as 8000 BC, we’re entering a new era of reversing decades long stigmas from ‘this is your brain on drugs’ to CBD in pillows claiming to help you sleep better (FYI, the jury is out on this product). It’s all very exciting and hallelujah that this is finally coming full circle on re-entering the market, but when it comes down to it, here's our simple advice... look for the basics. 


To not overwhelm you, we narrowed it down to 3 simple rules of thumb:

  1. READ THE LABEL – If you are a newbie to CBD, you may want to start out “low and slow”. This means, low on the CBD dosage and not purchasing a 5000MG CBD bottle out of the gate. Another helpful tip: make sure you’re looking at the total MG of CBD in a bottle versus, a single serving. Although the industry has done a good job of self-regulating packaging, some companies only list the per serving size which leaves you figuring out how much CBD you're really buying.
  2. TRUST AND KNOW YOUR SOURCE – CBD is still unregulated by the FDA so it’s important to not only know what you’re buying but where you’re buying your CBD from. Gut check, CBD at a gas station – NO, trusted sources like Svn Space or retailers that have done their due diligence and the vetting for you – YES.
  3. NO TWO PRODUCTS ARE ALIKE – If you see two different CBD products, both offering 300MG of CBD, but one is advertised for $19.99 and another is advertised for $59.99, stop there and dig further. Where is the CBD coming from (USA or elsewhere), what other ingredients are included, is it full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate, is it organic, how readily available are COA’s (Certificate of Analysis) and other information on their website such as who's behind the brand/what's their story? All we’re saying here – price point isn’t everything and you're not getting a "deal" when it comes to your health, beauty and wellness. It is an investment.


At Svn Space, we’ve implemented a Svn Space Verified program. Simply put, we vet products on your behalf with specific criteria that would parallel industry standards from closely looking at quality and ingredients to 3rd party testing through a COA (Certificate of Analysis). We’ve also tried hundreds of CBD products, listen to countless testimonials while getting to know each and every brand we place on our website. A feat we do not take likely.

So, we've narrowed it down to some of our favorite products for specific needs and ailments. These products are coming from our OWN experiences with the caveat that no two products or experiences are alike. 

Without further ado, here are our TOP CBD products for beginners:

For the 1st time user who wants to try a CBD oil:

And it comes in a travel/sample size.


For the 1st time user who is not quite ready to take a CBD Oil or Tincture yet:

And already measured doses of 25MG per capsule (like taking a vitamin).

Here's a testimonial.


For mild anxiety:

You can also try a mint with the added benefit of fresh breath:


For anxiety relief:


For sleep issues:


For joint pain (topically):


For pain relief (topically):


For pain relief (orally):


For muscle recovery pre/post workout:

And made by athletes for athletes:


For period relief:

Never did I ever think a suppository would work but cramps be gone!


For headaches (and sense of calm):

Or topically with the benefit of peppermint essential oil for an added pick me up.


For all over body relief:


For better sex:

With (or without) a partner.

It’s a tie on this category and this brand comes in a travel size.


For better focus and energy:

Or try a mid-day mint at work with the added benefit of fresh breath.


For overall well-being:


For the morning:


For the evening:


For the 1st time user who wants to include CBD as part of their skincare routine:

A skin perfecting pair with anti-inflammatory and revitalizing benefits!


For scalp pain:

Scalpcare is skincare!


For anti-aging/wrinkles:

A youthful glow and radiance restored!


For a cleanser:

To gently exfoliate and beautify your skin!


For moisturizing benefits:

An all over body experience, great for dry skin!


For minimizing eye puffiness and dark circles:


For protection against the sun:

For your face.

For your body.


For sunburns:


For wearing heels (and to prevent blisters):


For luscious lips and a tinge of color:


For an entry level price, mid dosage option:


For a mid-priced, mid dosage option:


For a higher-priced, higher dosage option:


For the sweet tooth:

Hint: Valentine's Day is coming soon


And last but not least, for the easiest, on-the-go, transitional, convenient way to administer the benefits of CBD in a product format we all are familiar with (plus fresh breath):


3 things to remember no matter what product you end up with:

  1. BE CONSISTENT – 3-5 days in a row, at the same dose, and even the time of day. Follow the manufacturer’s dosing guide. If you need a guide on dosing and how much to administer, here is a helpful video.
  2. CBD IS PERSON SPECIFIC – what you may experience may be different than what your friend or loved one experiences. There are also contributing factors such as age, weight, environment, etc. that play a part in your own experience.
  3. GO LOW, GO SLOW – find your sweet spot and if you notice nothing at 5MG – 10MG, go up from there. Why take more when you only needed less to feel better? 

Lastly, take CBD with an open mind, it’s a plant for goodness sake! Think of CBD as adding spinach to your diet… but with some incredible superfood, healing and beautifying benefits! 


This CBD for Beginner’s guide is brought to you by:
The Plant Lore

The Plant Lore is a consciously founded sales agency representing a tightly curated group of plant based beauty, wellness and gourmet grocer brands utilizing Cannabinoids in some but not all products along with other organic plant materials brought to you by Mother Nature. 

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We feature products that incorporate Adaptogens, Botanicals and the magic of the entire plant kingdom.

Written by Grace Saari

Co-Founder of Svn Space

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