A Hemp History Week We Should Never Forget

Hemp History week 2020

We cannot live in the present and move forward if we cannot accept and acknowledge the past. This past Hemp History week is something we should never forget, because the entire world is shifting towards a massive awakening. We realize that as a human race, we have much to dismantle.

This Hemp History week, instead of highlighting Hemp’s past, we focused on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and change agents we’ve previously featured, including hemp farmer and environmentalist, Clarenda “Cee” Stanley, of Green Heffa Farms, Clean Beauty CBD founder, Mia Chae Reddy of Dehiya Beauty, and social equity champion, Karim Webb of 4th Mvmt.

As a small female-owned POC business ourselves, we will continue our commitment to listen, learn and amplify through our platform. We have compiled valuable resources that can help us make an effort to change through social media, watching, reading, listening to podcasts, buying from BIPOC businesses, donating, and voting.

BIPOC Resources

Not only can we redefine Hemp and its countless uses, but this is an industry where we can make drastic changes now to make things more inclusive for BIPOC and women, welcoming them to go and grow with us. We have the power to be conscious owners, consumers, and decision-makers and to better the landscape for this industry and our planet.

We want to sincerely thank our partner during Hemp History week, Hemp Black, who is dedicated to inventing technologies to benefit people and better the world. Hemp Black, like many of our incredible partners, is navigating with us for the long journey ahead.


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“Some are pressing the gas hard; some are pulling over to take a break. We’re all in different lanes but on the same road and headed toward the right destination” – Svn Space

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