Hemp: The Intentional Thread That Connects Arraei to its South African Roots

To understand the journey of Arraei is to understand the power of a South African landscape. The interconnectedness of all things, the flow in which animals, plants, land, and sea coexist in a woven tapestry of symbiosis - this is the inspiration behind a collection that is more than just beautiful clothes. Arraei Collective provides a channel for us to connect with the Earth, to return to nature and find roots in the harmonious relationship between humanity and the planet through action, art, and expression. 

Lex Weinstein in Arraei Collective Hemp Coat standing in hemp fieldFounder Natalie Florence was born under the skies of Johannesburg, thrived for a decade in Cape Town, and currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. She has traveled the world in observance of the delicate balance between humans and their environment, engaging in an artful exploration in facilitating the union of responsible thought and elegant adornment. Her brand is rooted in a commitment to ethics and sustainability, employing full business transparency, packaging from 100% recycled materials, GOTS or EKO-TEX certified fabrics, and only natural materials for all of the garments produced. 

Lex Weinstein in Arraei Collective Hemp Coat standing in hemp fieldThe use of Hemp has been an intentional thread throughout the entirety of her collection. Hemp is naturally UV resistant, protecting its wearer from the sun, is water absorbent and breathable, allowing the textile to give a cooling effect in the hot desert sun while insulating for cooler nights. Hemp is resistant to bacteria and mold, which keeps it odor-free and perfect for travel, especially in a climate as intense and variable as South Africa.

Lex Weinstein in Arraei Collective Hemp Coat standing in hemp fieldWith a collection that can completely biodegrade in 1-5 months, Arraei is a brand that strives to shift the way we buy and wear clothes. In Natalie’s words, “The mission of Arraei is to create feminine, timeless & versatile clothing that inspires women to live consciously - in harmony with themselves and Mother Earth. To live wild, free and mindfully - of the Earth, for the Earth.”

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Written By:  Lex Weinstein

Written by Lex Weinstein

Hemp Advocate, Surfer and Conscious Creative

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