Hygge Hemp: Neurogan & Scandinavian Hemp

When it comes to hemp-derived CBD products, many consumers are keeping things close to home, opting for US-grown cannabis.

With fears around toxic soil in China (one of the largest exporters of hemp) and its impact on health, many CBD fans have stuck with domestic — but there’s another (potentially even better) option out there, too. Enter: Neurogan.

Girl holding Neurogan CBD salve

The Danish have refined and perfected the art of hygge: all things cozy and comfortable. And what’s more cozy and comfortable than the relaxing, warm-and-fuzzy feeling of CBD easing your pains and tensions? Scandinavian brand Neurogan brings this Nordic practice of coziness to their hemp farming, with their plants being farmed in the Danish countryside. 

Girl holding Neurogan CBD salve

According to Jan Brandrups CEO of Neurogan, Scandinavian soil is unrivaled in its inherent nutrient and vitamin properties. In addition, farming practices there ensure that “we utilize a slow growth cycle that spans a five-month period,” he told Svn. There’s also no greenhouse — these plants are grown au naturel. “Throughout this process, rather than using a grow-house with lamps as a light source, our crops are grown outdoors amongst the elements of rain, wind, and sunshine,” he said. “These factors considered; we’ve found that hemp grown in Scandinavia is superior given the top-rate conditions of its cultivation.”

“Denmark, the southernmost country in Scandinavia, is among the most efficient agricultural clusters in the world, with strict adherence to knowledge-based farming practices,” said Jan. Talk about a safe place to get your plant medicine!

“Thanks to a recent global report, our country has been posited as a leading nation in the organic foods industry due to our stringent policies on the use of pesticides.”

That whole pesticide thing is actually incredibly important to take note of — if there are pesticides anywhere near the plant, hemp will absorb it like a leafy green ShamWow. Hemp is a bio accumulator, meaning it picks up everything from the soil around it, including pesticides, toxins, heavy metals, nuclear fallout, and so on and so forth. These scary compounds can actually end up in your CBD tincture, so knowing about soil quality is tantamount to protecting your health as a cannabis user. 

Girl holding Neurogan CBD capsules

Scandinavian hemp isn’t new — in fact, this is all part of an ancient practice. And by ancient, we mean literal Vikings. Of the Odin-worshiping variety. “Our Viking ancestors cultivated hemp for thousands of years as the literal and figurative fabric of the Scandinavian society,” said Jan. “Hemp was used for animal food, human food, clothing, tools, and medicine.” Talk about being ahead of the times!

That said, there is a distinction culturally between hemp and marijuana in this region. “Hemp is commonly confused with ‘hash’ or ‘marijuana’, which possess a certain level of stigma in the Nordic region,” he said. “Recreational use of cannabis in relation to marijuana is something the region as a whole does not generally subscribe to.”

So, with hemp as a core component of Scandinavian culture, and no stigmas to hold it back, the people of this region have “used it as a natural medicine and resource for the last 2,000,” years, Jan explained. “There is a wide acceptance of CBD.”

Neurogan Hemp Field

All of these factors combined allow Denmark — and Neurogan — to create a first-class CBD product. And not only are they putting a premium plant-based medicine on the market for US consumers, but part of their brand mission is consumer education (they even have a “knowledge base” on their site!). Jan shared his top three tips for shopping for safe and effective CBD:

“In order to harness the full power of hemp, we emphasize using a full-spectrum CBD oil, because the benefits are comprehensive and powerful.”

“Only purchase products from a reputable company. An esteemed CBD company will have a bonafide webpage, a business address in the United States, and a customer service available by phone and email.”

“Always ask for lab results from a CBD company if you are in doubt. Reputable companies will have third-party lab test results detailing the ingredients within their product."

Written by Dominique Astorino

Wellness Expert and Svn Space Podcast Host and Contributing Editor Dominique holds bylines at POPSUGAR, Brit+Co, SHAPE, Svn Space and Huffington Post Wellness covering everything from health, fitness, and nutrition to crystals and CBD.

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