Bad Decision Adventure Club: Luxe Hemp Athleisure Wear

Have you ever made a bad decision?  Like when you ate an entire cheese pizza even though you are totally lactose intolerant. Introducing bad decision adventure club. They make luxury unisex apparel (most of which are made from hemp/cotton blends) that the you can wear while you are making said bad decision. Because they think you can be bad and good at the same time. 

Bad Decision Adventure Club girl standing in pink hemp jumpsuit outside against concrete wall

They are good because all of their materials are organic and locally sourced, and are designed and manufactured in los angeles.  They are also good because they believe in having a positive impact on their community as well as standing up for issues they believe in.  They donate $5 from every sale to the skid row housing trust.  We are pretty sure that’s a good decision.

First off, we have to ask you about the name, Bad Decision Adventure Club. Where did this name come from?

BDAC:  It was a previous inside joke with an ex-boyfriend. When we were discussing the ideals and brand inspiration, it just seemed to fit so perfectly since it’s the opposite of what we do, a little play on words. Plus we find ourselves getting in trouble a lot, so it was more than fitting.

What are your backgrounds?  Have you guys always been designers?  What made you want to start an apparel brand?

BDAC:  We are a collective between partners that have been in the industry for a long time. I have done literally everything in the industry.  Retail since 2007, styling in New York with Donald Lawrence — check out his work; his editorial stuff is breathtaking — and everything in between from managing wholesale showrooms to designing to making patterns to creative directing and art directing. My partner has a PR background and has been doing a lot of things with health and wellness, and I have basically been making patterns since I was like seven years old.  We decided to start a brand because we wanted to be able to give something to everyone and show that you can be cool but eco-friendly and inclusive and give back all in one.

 A lot of your apparel is made with Hemp, why did you choose hemp?

BDAC:  Currently everything except for one item has a Hemp blend to it.  I would ideally like to only be doing things made with hemp. We decided to use hemp because it’s a more eco-friendly choice.  It’s more durable. It’s basically a sunscreen for your skin, and it takes a lot less space, water and resources to be able to grow hemp. So all around, it’s a really beneficial and good fiber to be using, especially when you’re trying to help the environment. 

Bad Decision Adventure Club guy and girl models wearing hemp clothingBad Decision Adventure Club guy and girl models wearing hemp clothingBad Decision Adventure Club guy and girl models wearing hemp clothing

We love that your clothes are designed and made in LA.  I read that your fabrics are milled just for you. Can you tell us a little bit more about this?

BDAC:  We work with our production house to come up with a French terry blend and a jersey blend that are made with hemp and organic cotton.  We make sure to only produce enough fabric for the items we are making for the season.  So everything we make is going to be a limited edition.

You are considered a luxury brand. How are those types of customers responding to Hemp?  Do they understand that they aren’t wearing marijuana, or do you need to do some educating?

BDAC:  It’s something that definitely needs educating.  It’s a bit frustrating at times because we’re doing organic luxury basics that are also unisex, so it’s a few things people haven’t seen before.  I think once you explain the properties and how beneficial hemp is and the fact that we produce everything in the US.  When you are buying and sourcing domestically versus internationally, that makes the items costs more.  A lot of consumers are not educated about that and so it takes a bit to educate them. They really have to touch and feel the fabric and understand how good the fit is to really be able to relate the price point.

We also love that for every item sold you donate $5 to The Skid Row Housing Trust.  Tell us a little bit about why you chose this organization to partner with.

BDAC:  We chose SRHT because of their dedication to helping rehabilitate and house the homeless community. It’s a big issue in LA and in the US, and not enough people are talking about it and trying to find solutions regarding something that will actually work instead of just trying to shut people out and act like they don’t exist.  So it was really important to team up with an organization that was like-minded and that we know is doing good in our community.

What does the future look like for BDAC anything fun on the horizon? 

BDAC:  We have a few things up our sleeves that I’m not at liberty to talk about yet.  We are preparing for our second season, but we are really taking our time to make sure that everything is perfect, so be on the lookout.

Bad Decision Adventure Club guy and girl models wearing hemp clothing

Where can we find your products?  Are you only sold on your website?

BDAC:  Right now our products are only on our website at, but hopefully soon we will be getting into some retailers.

Written by Svn Space

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