Svn (7) Last Minute CBD Gift’s (For Every. Last. Person. On. Your. List.)

This Christmas, give your family — and friends, and boyfriend, and best friend — a literal chill pill. Do you have someone in your life who might want to take it down a notch? Maybe someone who needs a mood boost, or wants to focus on getting healthier this year?

We’ve got you covered. We’ve curated some beautiful last minute CBD gifts at different price points for each person on your list this year — from swanky splurges for your sister to amazing bargains to get every last name on your list checked. Peep some of our favorite stress-reducing, ultra-relaxing CBD products of the year that make wow-worthy gifts… and maybe get some of these for Santa, too (wink wink).

Collage of 7 last minute CBD Gifts 2018

1. YOUR SISTER: Show your sibling some serious love and appreciation this year with a set of treats that’ll bring her a sense of peace all year long. The vanilla almond milk CBD oil tastes like cookies, and the mint chocolate milk CBD oil blends flawlessly into a peppermint cocoa.

AUR Body Holiday Gift Set ($156)

2. YOUR GRANDPARENTS: Listen, grandma and grandpa don’t have to know that this new “magic cream” for their aches and pains has anything to do with cannabis — but they’ll totally reap the benefits. Give them some TLC and inflammation relief this holiday with a beautiful, plant-based cream made from USA-grown hemp.

Sagely Naturals Relief & Recovery Cream ($36)

3. YOUR MOM: There are so many ways to use CBD, but have you ever used a cannabis candle? Our friends at Hudson Hemp told us about this gorgeous candle they made with Source Adage using a mix of essential oils and New York-grown cannabis to create an herbaceous treat for your home (read: mom’s gonna love it).

Source Adage Altus Candle ($48)

4. YOUR COWORKER: To your fav coworker who’s been reading all of your boss’s passive aggressive emails to you on BCC — let her know you have her back and appreciate the vent sessions. This CBD Bath Bomb will help her unwind in the best way — a treat she more than deserves.

Life Elements Bliss Ball ($16.50)

5. FOR YOUR DOG: Yes, even Fido gets a CBD gift this year. These anti-anxiety pup treats are ideal for any furry friends with separation anxiety, nervous energy, or aches and pains in later stages of life. They’re bacon flavored, so you know your favorite companion is going to be obsessed. This San Diego-based company packs 5mg of CBD into each bone, allowing you to control the dose for (wo)man’s best friend.

FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats ($40)

6. YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Heat things up with your loved one with the gift that keeps on giving… and giving, and giving, and giving. Foria Awaken lubricant has such insane reviews, it almost sounds too good to be true. We’ll let the people speak for themselves (trust us, go read those reviews), but know before you shop that this is super high-quality cannabis product, domestically-sourced, and potent.

Foria Awaken ($48)

7. YOUR #1: Your partner in crime. They’re your best friend, even if they’ve got a different official title. Maybe it’s your mom, maybe it’s your sister or college roommate — but they’re at the top of your speed dial list, at the head of your text threads, and totally would be on top of your MySpace Top 8 (TBT). Above all, they’ve always got your back. Give them a luxurious gift that shows them how much they mean to you this year with a CBD starter kit, packed with swanky CBD beauty and self-care goodies, a fabulous tincture by Juna, and a rose quartz facial roller!

SVN Space CBD Starter Gift Box ($195)

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