Help Ease Fido’s Anxiety For 4th Of July With CBD

Family, friends and fireworks, but what about Fido? As the Fourth of July approaches, us pet parents are looking for ways to keep them calm on this holiday.

CBD has numerous benefits, but today we are highlighting its ability to rebalance imbalances in our pets and even more specifically; anxiety that may be triggered by key events. That’s right.  The same CBD we use is also extremely beneficial for our pets, since they too have an endocannabinoid system and are highly receptive to this plant-based superfood. 

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We know that CBD has the power to help us achieve homeostasis, but more specifically how is it working to interact, or more so, intercept the anxiety cascade and bring relief to an anxious pup? One word: SEROTONIN. CBD has shown to have a positive impact on the serotonin system, which can help reduce anxiety. As we all know, serotonin is good. It is in fact great and the more available in our systems the better and that is where CBD comes in. Serotonin makes an impact on every part of the body, but plays a large role to help in regulating anxiety. So, to connect the dots…. Although CBD doesn’t create serotonin, it does help prevent reabsorption of serotonin thus keeping higher levels available in the synaptic space, which leads to a greater opportunity for mood stabilization.

No brainer, right? Plant-based, well-tolerated and no side-effects. The next most common question, “Is there a particular form of CBD that is better for anxiety?” Pill, tincture, topical or edible? Unfortunately, there are no studies surrounding this. However, the power of sublingual application (ie. a tincture) is well-known and well-studied. Sublingual application is not special to CBD, it is quite prevalent in many spaces for maximizing efficient absorption into the body. We apply that same thought process to our primary recommendation of the tincture. Potent, effective and very efficient, CBD administered in the tincture form starts at the gateway to the body and works its way through, providing the full-body approach.

But don’t wait until the Fourth to give it a go. Like most good things, we want to prepare and build up the availability of cannabinoids in the system well before the Fourth. Unlike commonly used anxiety aids that provide a temporary band-aid, it’s a long-game with CBD because we are after something much greater than a temporary fix. Sustainability with a dual-action approach is the goal. A CBD supplement feeds the body, while encouraging your own system to self-generate its own cannabinoids. That way we can achieve a nice, continuous up-regulation and better balance on a daily basis.

We recommend starting your pup on CBD about two weeks prior to the “trigger” event (could also be used when traveling, moving or an annual vet visit-things that can cause anxiety). This approach gives the endocannabinoid system a jump-start and puts your best foot forward as you approach any milestone. Although this article is inspired by the upcoming holiday, we encourage CBD to be part of your pet’s everyday routine for the best results and impact on everyday life.


Written By:  Emily Heitman, Co-Founder Paleo Paw/LEEF Organics

Written by Svn Space

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