Svn Space is thrilled to be a part of FounderMade's Consumer Discovery Show West 2019 in Santa Monica, CA. Svn Space recently launched a Hemp is Femme campaign on 10/10 with the purpose of bringing awareness for women to maintain equal footing in this emerging, fast-paced and booming industry where Hemp-derived CBD sales alone are predicted to reach 20 billion by 2024*.

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As exciting as this industry is, there is a shift happening where women-owned businesses and females holding a director or executive level roles are dwindling. According to an article from Green Entrepreneur, attributed to the decline is "an influx of investors swiftly changing the industry’s culture. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that as traditional capital starts to come into this space, starts to overwhelm the space, we are seeing women either pushed out or unable to get funding,” Amy Margolis, Founder of The Initiative. The Initiative is an accelerator program, business boot camp, and funding resource for female-founded cannabis businesses.

She also states, "Men seem to control funding overall, and they would prefer to fund men. You could be a woman or a minority and get into the space and start a company. But as the market has evolved, it has shifted to look like other industries. The barriers are becoming more evident."**

The presence of the Hemp is Femme campaign at FounderMade is to showcase 12 curated female-owned brands, share their stories and showcase their beautifully crafted CBD products. By supporting female-owned companies, you influence female purchase power when it comes to decisions on health, beauty, food, clothing, our home, and even pets. The whole Hemp plant is an integral part of each of those categories having over 22,000 reported uses.

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Svn Space will also lead a panel conversation titled "THE FUTURE OF HEMP IS FEMALE" on the main stage at noon with Emily Heitman, CMO of LEEF Organics and Christie Tarleton, Co-Founder of Yuyo Botanics. The panel will focus on how supporting women today can capture their buying power now. Covering topics that include statistical infographics on the current state of the industry to share exactly how to support female-owned businesses.

Lineup of speakers on Future of Hemp is Female panel at FounderMade

As education is the #1 priority and is top-of-mind for the industry at large, Svn Space will also be providing attendees with a Buyer's Guide on what to look for when buying a CBD product. Attendees can also experience hand and neck massages provided by Lalena Spa with CBD moisturizing products from LEEF and Blue Willow while sipping on Hemp extract teas from Kirra Life.

FounderMade is the ideal platform in front of an audience of key retailers, media, influencers and investors alike. Founded by visionary Meghan Asha with the purpose of "bringing together consumer brands and the entrepreneurs building them."

The goal is simple with our presence at Foundermade and that is to continue conversations to shift the pendulum to a more equal playing field and take real actions now. 


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