Get Your Lashes High With Milk's Kush Mascara

I want to publicly apologize to my eyelashes for not wearing Milk Kush mascara until now.

I’ve never been a makeup freak. In fact, I’ve gone weeks without putting mascara on. But those days are behind me. For the first time in my life, I can say that I love mascara and look forward to putting it on. First and foremost, it makes my lashes look great. Length, volume, no clumps — the truth is out there… in a tube of Milk Kush mascara. On top of the sheer fact that it works, it’s also vegan (as is the entire Milk line), comes in a cool metal tube, and best of all: it’s made with hemp seed oil

Milk Kush Hemp Seed Oil Mascara via Allure Magazine


The people at Milk are big fans of hemp seed oil. Ever since the inception of Milk Makeup, they wanted to create a product that showcases the amazing properties of hemp seed oil.  And recently making the shift to all vegan meant that instead of beeswax, which is commonly used in mascara as a binder, they knew it was time to explore hemp seed oil. The results? As the kids say these days: LIT. Hemp seed oil fuses Milk’s innovative heart-shaped fibers to lashes, gives the mascara a creamy smooth consistency, an easy “tug-free” removal, plus the added benefit of conditioning.



The first thing I noticed was that the mascara is greasy — in the best way possible — thanks to the hemp seed oil. Whereas some mascaras get held up in my lashes, this one went gliding on and sent my lashes to new heights sans clumps. OMG, my lashes were high. Well played, Milk. As the wand went gliding through my lashes, suddenly all the broken promises made to me by Maybelline throughout the years were forgiven and forgotten… Because this little silver tube delivered everything I’ve ever wanted in a mascara. I didn’t need makeup artist level skills to make it happen. 



I know I said that it went on greasy but that doesn’t mean it smudged. Kush has major staying power. Look at it this way, I applied it at 9am, worked out for an hour at noon and I’m writing this at 5pm with my lashes still going strong and long. Kush Mascara didn’t irritate my eyes like other mascaras have, in fact, I barely felt it or remembered I was wearing mascara at all.  



Milk’s Kush mascara gave my average eyelashes a glimpse of the high life. Super easy to put on and put on well. Not too doll-like, they still looked like my eyelashes, just better. My advice is to stop reading now and go buy this mascara… like yesterday. 10/10 buy this mascara. Do it do it do it!

Buy Kush Mascara by Milk online at, $24. 

Written by Cheyenne Arnold

Svn Space Contributor

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