HEMP IS FEMME on 10/10

Empower women today, capture our buying power now.

The date 4/20 is synonymous with smoking cannabis and how that date is tied to cannabis remains a mystery while the CBD boom has resulted in a National CBD Day on 8/8.

Introducing Hemp is Femme on 10/10.

A vision of Svn Space with the purpose of bringing awareness for women to maintain equal footing in this emerging industry.

Hemp Is Femme Graphic with two hands holding hemp leaf

How do you empower women in this fast paced and booming cannabis space? Here’s Svn (7) ways we are supporting female-owned businesses. 

  1. We built a platform for women to have a voice from our panel conversations to creating Hempanna events where the masses can intimately meet small and large scale female-owned businesses face to face. It’s also a platform where women can find premium information on the lifestyle benefits of Hemp.
  2. We support 70% female-owned brands for consumers to shop in our highly curated and vetted e-commerce store.
  3. We highlight female change agents on our website from farmers to the brands leading the charge by sharing their stories through creative content, video and our Hemp + CBD print issue.
  4. We employ 85% females at our company.
  5. We work with female-owned lifestyle stores for our Hemp + CBD pop-ups and connect to like-minded women who know, want to know, and don’t know alternatives exist.
  6. We mentor female-owned businesses providing our knowledge and expertise to help these small businesses grow with the industry. We offer guidance from branding to retail structure and how to set themselves apart from the sea of CBD companies.
  7. Finally, we lead by example and walk the walk every single day.

It’s no secret that the influx of investors on the Green CBD wave have rapidly shifted the cannabis industry. The rules of investment have not changed either where the traditional roadblocks remain the same with a lack of funding for female-owned or minority businesses. 

Leadership positions are also dwindling and according to Marjiuana Business Daily, women executives in the industry are declining from 36% in 2015 to 27% in 2017. A more recent report in 2019 from Vanqst, where 166 cannabis companies were surveyed over 17 states, 43.5% identified themselves with over 50% females. Of this 50%, only 12.6% females held a Director or Executive level position.  

We continue to see the same trend happening from the countless conversations with many female-owned brands and the pressures of keeping up with giants and their exorbitant marketing spends. And being in an industry without regulation? Information needs to adapt to the changes being made and that is not cheap. We need to empower the women in this Industry and who better to speak to cannabis and hemp? Women drive 70-80% consumer purchases and with a commanding spend of 18 trillion last year*, we influence our spouses, partners, parents, children, peers, girlfriends and even pets especially when it comes to decisions related to beauty, health, wellness, fashion, food and our home. The date of 10/10 also signifies change. It is the change to shift the pendulum back in the right direction towards an equal playing field and captivate female spending power now.

Svn Space will lead a panel conversation along with CMO, Emily Heitman from LEEF Organics and Co-Founder, Christie Tarleton from Yuyo Botanics titled, The Future of Hemp is Female at the upcoming B2B Consumer Discovery Show on October 16th in Santa Monica, CA. A Svn Space booth themed with “Hemp is Femme” at Consumer Discovery Show will proudly feature 12Female-owned brands for retailers to intimately get to know each brand. Other female led businesses also shifting the Industry to bring forth change include: Women Grow, The Initiative and Vangst

If we can acknowledge a National Lost Sock Memorial Day or International Talk Like a Pirate day, we are driving a campaign that simply reminds us to support female lead businesses in the cannabis space and create opportunities… ultimately, with support and empowerment, you capture our influence and purchase power. Let’s support one another, lift each other up and see real change move in the right direction.

*Ernst & Young

Written by Grace Saari

Co-Founder of Svn Space

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