Hemp Seed Date Balls Recipe

The perfect power snack to get you through a workout out or to satisfy your afternoon food cravings.

Hemp Seed Date Balls Recipe


1 Cup of raw almonds

20 pitted dates 

4 Tbsp of raw cacao powder

2 Tbsp of almond butter

2 Tbsp of coconut oil

1 Tbsp of chia seeds

1 Tbsp of hemp seeds 

(We love Nutiva’s US grown organic Hemp seeds)

2 Tbsp of water

Pinch of pink salt 

Dash of cinnamon 


For rolling:

1/3 Cup of shredded coconut 

1/3 Cup of hemp seeds 

Hemp Seed Date Balls Recipe


  1. In a food processor place 1 cup of raw almonds and blend until it becomes a loose meal.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients into the food processor and blend until it is thoroughly mixed together.
  3. Take 1 Tbsp of the mixture out and roll into a ball with your hands, place shredded coconut in a bowl and the hemp seeds in another. 
  4. Roll the ball to cover the outside in the coconut or the hemp seeds and alternate this process until the mixture is gone.
  5. Place balls in the fridge for up to one hour to set in an airtight container.


Recipe and images from Holistic Chef Erica Jane 

Written by Svn Space

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