Hemp Challenge: Eat Hemp at Every Meal for One Day

Who said a challenge had to be hard? Safer than the Kiki Challenge and infinitely less embarrassing than the 10-Year Challenge, eating hemp at every meal for a full 24 hours is a challenge worth taking on. My rules: every meal includes hemp in some form and bonus points if you can get more than one source per meal! Read on to see how I did.  Maybe take some cues and try some recipes for yourself.

Oatmeal with CBD-infused honey and hemp milk

For Breakfast: 

Oatmeal with CBD-infused honey and hemp milk. 

Oatmeal is my go-to “feel full” all morning meal. I’ll be the first to admit that oatmeal can be boring, but I was pleasantly surprised that this recipe was actually pretty texturally exciting. I followed the recipe above but swapped almond milk for hemp milk and topped with some Potli CBD honey. The hemp seeds add a nice crunch and Potli honey sweetens it to perfection. Overall this recipe was a winner, and with a few modifications, I got three different forms of hemp so bonus points!

Avocado toast with Wonder Valley CBD olive oil  and hemp seed hearts

For Lunch: 

Avocado toast with a sprinkle of hemp hearts and sea salt. 

A mid-day meal for me means quick and light. While toasting some high-protein hemp seed bread I mashed a ripe avocado with a little bit of some Lily CBD X Wonder Valley Olive Oil, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon. I layered my spread on thick and sprinkled with some hemp hearts. I didn’t follow a recipe for this one, just added ingredients “to taste”. And let me tell you, it tasted so good. If you’re hungry for a little more, I’d add some tomato, lettuce and call it an avo hemp sandwich.

hummus dip with hemp seed hearts and veggies


High protein hemp hummus dip with raw veggies. 

I’m obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED with my food processor so I was really excited to make this recipe. I guess I got a little too excited and didn’t follow the instruction that says “blend the hemp seeds into a meal first” before combining all ingredients. Oops, but I didn’t mind the texture once blended. With some cut up raw veggies, this recipe kept me full and focused between meals. 

hemp pasta with creamy hemp pesto


Hemp pasta with a creamy hemp pesto.

I just looked at the pictures of this recipe and started drooling. I made a few modifications to hemp it up. For one, I used hemp pasta! I also used hemp seed oil instead of olive oil. This recipe is as good as it looks because it is served cold it would be the perfect dish to make the night before to share at work or dinner parties. This recipe is a little more time intensive than the other recipes, but definitely worth the effort.

Calivolve CBD Chocolate Truffles


Calivolve CBD Cherry Chocolate

The perfect end to my day. No recipe to follow just unwrap and unwind. And with that, the day is over. Challenge complete.  


Final Thoughts:

Does hemp all day sound repetitive? I thought so too, but from oil to seed there were so many ways to get my proteins, aminos, cannabinoids and fatty acids and make pretty amazing meals in the process. I felt full all day and most meals were pretty in line with my day-to-day eating habits, so it was easy to adopt. I racked up a lot of bonus points by swapping oils and sprinkling hemp hearts which was so easy to do so hemp will definitely be sneaking its way into more of my meals.

Written by Hannah Jayne

Svn Space contributor. Hannah Jayne is a plant lover, desert dweller and professional dog petter living in Joshua Tree, Ca. She loves our planet, hemp, and writing about these two things.

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