Hempanna Four Moons Spa: A Hemp, CBD, Wellness Gathering

Our first Hempanna event is over, and if you missed out, don't worry, we have the full re-cap here.

Hempanna event at Four Moons Spa with crowd

The evening started with our panel discussion that covered a few key topics around CBD.  We were honored to have Emily Heitman, CMO/Co-Founder of Leef Organics, Desi McKinnon, Co-Founder of Cordial Organics and Felicity Chen, Co-Founder of Potli.  We touched on some of the basics of CBD.  We barely scratched the surface so keep an eye out for some more in-depth panel discussions in the future.

Svn Space table at Hempanna event with products

After the panel discussion, guests ate some yummy Hemp seed tacos from Moonage Food Truck and shopped some amazing vendors.  We really wanted our guests to be able to interact with the vendors, ask them questions, test their products and shop!

In the last part of the evening, we broke up into two groups to do our Hemp workshops.  Pair of Knots taught us how to make these beautiful Hemp macrame plant hangers and Kristin from All Species did a plant dye workshop where guests were able to dye hemp scarves.

We also made a custom fish surfboard with Solid Surf out of Ocean Beach, Ca.  This custom surfboard is glassed with 40% plant-based resins that are 1000X less toxic than traditional resins. The core is 100% recyclable and has been reinforced with organic Hemp (which BTW is one of the strongest fibers in the world).  The pink tie dye 100% Hemp fabric was hand-dyed by Svn Space with avocado pits to get that beautiful pink hue.

Kb Essentials CBD beauty products display at Hempanna Four Moons event

We had Camera Camper who had the cutest little photo booth in a vintage camper.  We gave away an incredible Svn Space/Four Moons Gift Set worth more than $500.  And each guest left with a pretty awesome goody bag which included a Svn Space Hemp tote and goodies from Dr. Bronner's, Neurogan, Calivolve, Cannuka, Real Wellness, Juna, Four Moons, Mondo Meds, Buddha Tea, Evo Hemp, worth well over $100.

Svn Space co-founders megan Villa, Grace Saari, Monica Campana Hempanna Four Moons Spa

A HUGE thank you to Four Moons, they have the most incredible location for events and the best massages around (you can get a CBD massage with Leef Organics CBD).  And a huge thank you to all of our incredible partners!  We would not have been able to do this without you all!

Neurogan, Cordial Organics, Haute Supply LLC, Evo Hemp, Leef Organics, Cannuka, Kb Pure Essentials, Calivolve, Vertly, Pure Spectrum, M Kombucha, All Species, Juna, Mondo Meds, Real Wellness, Mary Joe, CBD Living Water

Till next time!


~Svn Space 


Photographer: Cole Ferguson 

Written by Svn Space

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This looks like such a cool event! Maybe if there’s another one in the future we can figure out how to get EdensHerbals there!

Zach June 18, 2020

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