How CBD Plays a Role in Your Fitness-Focused Lifestyle

You know that feeling when you breakthrough from the ocean water into the cool, fresh air — soaked and salty, revitalized.

You inhale a slow, deep breath of the salt air, wading your way to shore, sand squishing under your feet as you trudge against the current. Bliss. Pure, unencumbered bliss. Imagine being able to feel that in the office ... Or before you go to sleep. Or on a flight!
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Enter CBD. That blissed-out yet totally centered, cloud 9, one-with-my-body-and-mind kind of feeling. That’s exactly what CBD — cannabidiol — is all about. And it melds seamlessly with your outdoor, active lifestyle, without holding you back from your goals. In fact, CBD can help you achieve even more, without adding more stress into the mix.

Whether chronic pain holds you back from your favorite hiking trails, or you need to recover more quickly after surfing, or hours of cycling the coast leave your skin a tinge burnt (it feels like SPF 1000 wouldn’t even be enough sometimes, right?), CBD can help. Ahead are some of our favorite ways to incorporate this natural, mother-nature-approved ingredient into our own active lives. Let’s dive in.

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For a Pre-Yoga Chill

If your 87 work deadlines, sister’s bridal shower plans, unending to-do list, and missing Amazon delivery are all leaving you too frazzled to find your Zen, you’ll need a little brain boost before yoga. Opt for a CBD Tranquil Mint Tincture from Swell CBD to mellow out, promote stillness, and promote relaxation from the inside out. Use this under the tongue, holding for 60 to 120 seconds to allow for quick, effective absorption. By delivering CBD under the tongue, you’ll bypass the digestive tract (read: fast results, quick stress relief). Think of it as your new off button for stress.

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After a Long, Strenuous Run

Half marathon training and soft-sand runs get the best of us, particularly our knees. You don’t have to give up the runner’s high! Trust us, we know how important vitamin D and exercise-induced euphoria are. After your run, grab a foam roller for your IT bands and Swell’s CBD Full Spectrum Salve to rub on sore, stiff joints. The transdermal (through the skin) application allows you to target exactly where the pain is. You can use it after a good Epsom salt soak for even better effects (hooray, relaxation!). It’s going to be your favorite recovery essential.

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To Treat a Post-Surf Sunburn

Whether dawn patrol ran late (you can’t argue with perfect waves) or a long walk with your dog took a little longer than usual (as well it should!), you might be left with a semi-singed visage. Not to worry. A CBD Cellulose Face Mask is exactly what your skin is calling for. CBD reduces inflammation (it’s a bonafide anti-inflammatory) and mitigates redness and pain — so it’s precisely what you need for a burnt face. A perfect blend of self-care, recovery, and indulgent skincare treatment.

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When Everything Aches, All the Time

Inflammation and pain shouldn’t get in the way of you finding your bliss. If constant aches and chronic pain are interfering with your activity level, try Swell CBD Softgels With Curcumin. The combination of anti-inflammatory CBD and anti-inflammatory curcumin (the compound in turmeric that makes it so powerful) create the ideal relief remedy. In fact, these two ingredients have been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for millennia. The capsules are broken down in your digestive tract, allowing for a slow, sustained release that lasts for hours.

Written by Dominique Astorino

Wellness Expert and Svn Space Podcast Host and Contributing Editor Dominique holds bylines at POPSUGAR, Brit+Co, SHAPE, Svn Space and Huffington Post Wellness covering everything from health, fitness, and nutrition to crystals and CBD.

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