A Modern Green Evolution

Hemp isn’t what it used to be.  When we think of hemp we envision hemp hacky sacks, those bracelets we made at summer camp and even maybe some plain-colored scratchy potato sack dresses.  Well, guess what?  Times have changed and there are a lot of forward-thinking fashion designers out there who are incorporating hemp into their seasonal collections. 

Lindsay Perry with hemp leaf covering her eye shot by Megan Villa

We are excited to introduce you to what we are loving at the moment.  Hippie thoughts be gone, it’s time for a “Modern Green Evolution”!

Where to Buy

1. Lindsay Perry 

2. Ozma hemp/organic cotton tank

3. Ozma hemp/organic tank and crop wide leg pant

4. Jungmaven hemp/organic cotton long-sleeve top

Lindsay Perry wearing hemp Jungmaven shirt and All Species hemp skirt shot by Megan Villa

5. Jungmaven hemp/organic longsleeve top / Ozma crop wide leg hemp/organic cotton pant

6. Patagonia hemp/organic cotton/recycled polyester canvas overalls

7. Jungmaven hemp canvas throw blanket / Patagonia hemp/organic cotton/recycled polyester canvas overalls

8. Jungmaven hemp/organic cotton twill jumper / Patagonia hemp/organic cotton/recycled polyester coat / Jungmaven hemp/organic cotton twill jumper

Lindsay Perry wearing Patagonia hemp overalls shot by Megan Villa

9. Jungmaven hemp/organic cotton Taos top

10. Jungmaven hemp/organic Taos top / All Species hemp/organic cotton wrap skirt

11. Jungmaven hemp/organic cotton jumper / United By Blue hemp/cotton socks



Photographer:  Megan Villa
Model:  Lindsay Perry

Written by Svn Space

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