Why You Need CBD In Your Hair Care Routine

CBD has a wide range of benefits and we wanted to know more about the benefits of CBD in hair care. Jen Fassino, the founder of Nomad Haircare gives us the skinny below.

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I was first attracted to the healing powers of CBD when I relocated to Los Angeles, by way of the Midwest. The once considered “taboo” ingredient in the area I grew up in, was suddenly available, and at my fingertips to explore. I began using CBD topically, for pain relief from long days on set styling hair. I fell in love with the texture and consistency of the oil and the impact it had on my body and mind. I knew then, that it had to be the key ingredient in my hair care line that I started 2 years prior.

I chose to use hemp-derived CBD distillate over hemp seed oil for a number of reasons. CBD works in conjunction with the body’s endocannabinoid system, (it restores balance in your endocrine system by regulating hormones and metabolism) to aid with reducing pain, inflammation and neuropathic conditions. Along with the added terpenes (the scent molecule found in all essential oils of plants) that come from distillate extraction, you really benefit from the “relaxing and calming” aromatherapy properties.
Miley Cyrus uses Transcend Serum with CBD  in her hair for the Avengers: End Game premiere.

Hemp seed oil comes from the pressed seeds of the hemp plant and contains almost no cannabinoids that aid with endocannabinoid system activation. Although hemp seed oil has some similar texture characteristics of CBD distillate, it cannot perform in the same healing way. When applied to hair, CBD has an opportunity to activate the endocannabinoid system through topical transfer (hands, skin, and scalp) as well as through scent. CBD is packed with antioxidants, and omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids for maximum moisture retention for dry, brittle hair. The lightweight, non-greasy oil mends broken ends and treats and protects hair from heat and environmental damage.

I wanted to use a plant base for my products to reduce our carbon footprint and use cleaner, more sustainable options for ingredients. Since we do not formulate with silicones, CBD really allowed for us to create a serum texture that mimics silicone without the harmful effects. It gives a natural shine and smooth texture vs creating a fake “plastic-like” sheen and buildup like silicone does. The haircare market was lacking in CBD and “clean chemical” formulation so I decided to combine the two. And thus, our first product, Transcend Serum was born.

CBD hair serum application/instructions-

On wet hair- Disperse 2 to 4 drops of serum into your palm and gently rub together. Apply to mid shafts and ends to help de-tangle, add shine, reduce frizz and treat broken strands. Avoid scalp. Air dry or blow-dry.

On dry hair- Start with 2 drops of serum and gently rub together in palms. Run through the mid-shaft and ends to treat broken ends, combat frizz, and add natural shine.

Written By:  Jen Fassino, Founder, Nomad Haircare

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