NOTO Botanics launches Their First Ever Non-profit Product — And It’s Made Of Hemp!

Before I even tried their oil (or learned their awesome backstory), I knew I was going to like NOTO Botanics.

I’m no designer, but there’s just something about their minimalist logo that screams cool. With its musky smell and aforementioned logo, NOTO’s Agender Oil is like the body care equivalent of a white tee, denim, and black boots — the “it girl” uniform. So I guess you can judge an oil by its packaging, because NOTO’s hemp oil, handcrafted by makeup artist Gloria Noto, is multi-use, “uni-sexy”, and works like a charm — however you choose to use it.

NOTO Botanics Hemp Seed Oil Agender Oil

In the confusing world of cosmetics and body care, NOTO is a minimalist’s dream come true (and not just because of their on-point brand aesthetic). All their products are intended to be multi-use — think skin and hair; neck and face; lips, eyes, and face — and deliver real results, without the crazy price tag. I guess when you simplify your product down to only the finest natural and organic ingredients, you don’t need a different product for every square inch of your face. Should someone to tell Olay?


Gloria Noto’s experience as a makeup artist is what drove her to start the line of full body cosmetics. Fed up with the chemical-laden products on offer, she set out to make her own products that reflected the changes she wanted to see in the industry (and world as a whole), namely: more emphasis on natural ingredients, less harm done to the environment, and a more inclusivatory tone. On the topic of inclusivity, Gloria believes that wellness is a right, not a privilege... Which is why their products are diverse in cost. It’s also why they created their first “non-profit product”: Agender Oil, which is made of hemp oil. Non-profit product? Yep, you read that right — 100% of profits NOTO makes from Agender Oil will go towards organizations like Planned Parenthood, LGBT Youth Center, and Women's Center DTLA.


NOTO puts an emphasis on the healing properties of each product, down to each ingredient. Their Agender Oil mixes hemp, which is rich in omega fatty acids and promotes hair growth; Vetiver, an anti-inflammatory (this also gives it a sultry, smoky scent); and lavender which can help soothe and calm. It’s meant to be used on your skin and hair — promoting hair growth and softening skin all at once.

When I first used the Agender Oil, I rubbed it on my hands. First reaction? Wow this stuff is bougie. It delivers a rich softness and intense moisture; but if you’re not into strong scents, it might not be for you. It sort of smells like a fancy, smoky cocktail you might get at a gastropub. So, if you’re used to your Chanel perfume, this might take some getting used to. A few co-workers and I noticed that the scent changed when we used it in our hair; the strongest notes were subdued and we were left with a more gentle scent, and not to mention, luxuriously soft hair.  

In short: NOTO’s products are benefit-driven and beautiful. They’ll take the guesswork out of your beauty care routine — and change the world while they’re at it.

Written by Cheyenne Arnold

Svn Space Contributor

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