Novella Royale X Svn Space CBD + Hemp Popup Shop Re-Cap

A CBD + HEMP POP-UP by Svn Space. A shop and learn destination featuring a carefully curated line of premium CBD and Hemp products.

Svn Space X Novella Royale CBD Popup product display

Continuing our mission to educate consumers, one pop-up at a time, we celebrated Summer Solstice with our good friends at Novella Royale. First, it was a night of fun fearless females, all FOUNDERS of their CBD companies! Second, if you're ever in Orange County, you must stop in San Clemente where owner, Mary Myers designs and produces her own line of clothing named after her daughter... Novella Royale. A nod to the past but rooted in a desire to "reduce, re-use, recycle" with a beautiful line of handmade creations. And make sure to check out the wallpaper in the bathroom... 

Svn Space popped up at Novella Royale with a curated line of premium Hemp + CBD products. A shop and learn destination created out of a need to educate first and then try before you buy hemp-derived CBD products. A panel conversation is always part of the mix where Female Founders, Mia Chae from Dehiya Beauty and Kayla Clements from Luna Volta shared why they created their companies and their knowledge of Hemp and CBD. 

Another fun fearless female in the lineup was founder of Lagom Teas, Lauren D'Agostino who set up a CBD Tea Bar and served up various teas to sample from a Bliss tea to Bedtime tea with a touch of Potli honey. We also appreciate the CBD wellness shots provided by Teresa Piro, Founder of Plant Magic where we were able to sample flavors of cold-pressed juice drinks labeled Lemon Love to Blue Hope.

Svn Space X Novella Royale CBD Popup product display

Special thanks to the Novella Royale team for hosting us on a Friday evening, Mia Chae Reddy, Ph. D and Founder of Dehiya Beauty, Kayla Clements, Founder of Luna Volta for their knowledge and being part of the discussion. Thanks to Lauren D'Agostino, Co-founder from Lagom Teas for the Tea bar, Teresa Piro, Founder from Plant Magic, New Wave Soda and sustainable farmed and snobfree Obvious Wines. Lastly, thank you to all that came out to learn about Hemp + CBD! The more you know...  

About Novella Royale: 

Novella Royale is the culmination of two things; a considerate design ideology and the raw vision of it’s founder/designer, Mary Myers. 

Novella Royale Founder, Mary Meyers

Mary is a salt of the earth, third-generation seamstress who cut her teeth designing accessories for larger fashion manufacturers. While grateful for the opportunities presented to her, she could not ignore the nagging desire to take charge of her own destiny. She decided to couple her “reduce, re-use, recycle” design philosophy with her fate and took the plunge, jumping headlong into the creation of her own brand which she named after her young daughter, Novella Royale. 

The daily trials and tribulations of running her own business are shared with the absolute exhilaration of it, knowing that life is more about the journey than the destination.

Written by Grace Saari

Co-Founder of Svn Space

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