Our Morning Hemp Routine

Hemp. Yes, it’s amazing and you know all of hemp’s incredible benefits, but are you just reading the articles or are you really adopting more of it into your daily routine? If you answered either of those questions with a yes, read on! Here are some practical ways to incorporate hemp into your morning routine before you head out the door.

Girl stretching in bed shot by Bruce Mars

6:00am - But first, CBD

If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed you can turn your day around quick with a daily dose of CBD. Pick your go-to beverage, coffee or tea, pour it in your favorite mug, then add a dropper of Yuyo Botanics AM formula full spectrum CBD to keep you calm and level headed throughout the day. It’s a quick and easy way to get that anti-inflammatory boost right out of bed. If you want to get your CBD fix without adding your own CBD oil, a CBD cold brew coffee like Mary Joe does the trick or CBD infused tea from Lagom Teas.

Morning cup of tea with Potli honey

6:20am - Breakfast Time

This morning we’ll make a super simple breakfast parfait. Pour some hemp heart granola into the bottom of your bowl, add a generous scoop of coconut yogurt, some fresh berries and a drizzle of Potli honey to top it off. Protein, antioxidants and the perfect amount of sweetness. It’s the most important meal of the day kicked up a notch with a few hemp additions.

Hemp granola parfait

6:30am - Read About It

The space is growing! There is new research, new products and new legislation every day. Read all about what’s going on in the hemp world while you sit down to eat your breakfast.

7:00am - Put It On

As much as we’d love to advocate for staying in our pajamas all day, we know it might not be practical. Darn it!  Luckily, we have some amazingly soft hemp clothing we love to wear. Mix your staple hemp pieces like one of our faves, Mara Hoffman, with the rest of your wardrobe to create the perfect sustainable outfit.
Oshan ‘Ele Hemp Seed Oil Face Wash

7:15am - Make It Up

Cleanse last  night  away with Oshan  Essentials ‘’Ele face wash. Then apply  Noto’s  Agender facial oil to a damp face to lock in moisture. Add a quick swipe of mascara, we like Milk Makeup’s  Kush mascara because it makes our lashes extra-long without any clump. If your hair could use some extra shine, put a small dot of Transcend CBD hair serum by Nomad Hair  on the tips of your fingers and run through the ends to give a natural gloss. Speaking of gloss, don’t forget to swipe on some Vertly lip balm before you go.

8:30am - Leave For Work

Mornings can be hectic, hemp helps. From CBD to hemp hearts, clothing and oils, there are so many different ways to incorporate the hemp plant into your morning. Hopefully this inspires you to add more of this beneficial plant into your morning routine.

Written by Hannah Jayne

Svn Space contributor. Hannah Jayne is a plant lover, desert dweller and professional dog petter living in Joshua Tree, Ca. She loves our planet, hemp, and writing about these two things.

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