Do You Practice Self-Care? You Should. And CBD May Help.

Summer's over and the kids are back to school. What to do next besides work, schedule afterschool activities, daycare, pickups, homework, cook and clean?!  Note to self:  make sure to take some time for ME and schedule in SELF-CARE.

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Let's remind ourselves, self-care is the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness on the inside and out especially during those stressful times! It starts by practicing on ourselves.  We often forget that we need to take a step back, re-energize our body and mind to be more present and be emotionally available to the ones we love. 

Here are Svn (7) ways to decompress and practice self-care.

1. Take a break - The simple act of taking a bath can go a long way. Drop a CBD infused Bliss Ball™ into a bath and turn it into your own personal masseuse after a tough workout, a day wrangling the kids or as your reward after a long week.

2. Own your health - before it becomes something it shouldn't. We often wait until something happens to affect our health and practicing self-care can trigger your relaxation response. By simply adding CBD oil to your daily routine in your coffee or taking it directly, may help you feel more present, boost mental clarity and improve your overall mood.

3. Alone time - Getting lost in a book (or Svn Space's Hemp + CBD issue), taking time to meditate, reflect and 'let go' are simple ways of spending some quality alone time. Another way to 'let go'? Practicing masturbation has shown to release endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin which can improve overall mood and a natural high. And who doesn't love a massage down under? G'ddddaaaaayyyyy mate...

4. Nourish your skin - Euphoria for the brain, body, and soul comes in a bottle with CBD, Peppermint and Cardamom. Before applying this moisturizing oil, breathe in slowly through each nostril and awaken the mind. As an added tip, use this rose quartz massage stone to massage in the oil. To help reduce puffiness, place the stone in a freezer for 15 minutes, use it while it's cold and watch the stress melt away.

5. Hair care - Heard the expression 'having a bad hair day'? A bad hair day can affect our overall mood and our self-confidence as we engage in conversation. Massaging this unique formula including CBD on your scalp enhances natural shine, moisturizes and restores hair to its unique lustrous state while calming and relaxing.

6. Chocolate... again, CHOCOLATE - Break me off a piece of that 20mg bar… With just 5mg to start and take the edge off before a meeting or once you've dropped off the kids at school. Satisfy that sweet tooth with CBD infused chocolate and organic cherries from Calivolve. Can't have sugar or sweets? Read #2.

7. Create a Zen space - The soothing scent from Urban Releaf's Zen Coconut Candle with Cannabis essential oil will set the mood and the atmosphere. Combined with a blend of Coconut wax infused with the essential oils of the cannabis plant and other fragrances will create a relaxing, calming and beautiful smelling space.

Self-Care only works if you make time to practice and start today. Just as you would schedule going to the gym.  By making it part of your daily routine and taking the time to practice self-care you'll notice your overall well-being, state of mind, happiness and mood improve!

Another helpful tip. Set a reminder for just 15 minutes a day through your mobile device, download the CALM app which sets reminders and has helpful tools to guide you.  If you truly want to get away from technology then put a photo of yourself you love and place it on your bathroom mirror. May seem silly but having a physical reminder to give ourselves that break, could change how you approach the day.

Written by Svn Space

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