Sekala: Not Your Average CBD Massage

I first came across Sekala Massage in a magazine and was intrigued as this wasn’t an ordinary massage or your typical CBD massage, it was a bit more. 

The founder, Alex, uses herbal compress balls made from hemp fabric, infused with CBD and other botanicals. It piqued my interest, so I scheduled an at home massage to see if it really worked.

Sekala CBD Massage with hemp muslin and herbs compress

It was your typical Swedish massage, but the CBD compress balls added a whole new level to my massage.  She heats them up and then taps you lightly in key areas with the compress. At first, I thought they were hot stones, and then she gently rubbed them into my skin. It was very relaxing, and I could feel the tension in my body start to slip away. I have had chronic neck pain for several months now and nothing has helped so I was hoping this would.  She had me stretch my neck a bit to try to get some of the tension out and applied the compress balls.  While the pain didn’t fully go away, the massage combined with the CBD compress definitely relaxed my body which helped me better cope with my neck pain.  All in all, this was a very relaxing massage and I would highly suggest you give it a try, especially if CBD has already benefitted you in some way. It’s a great addition to one’s personal care regimen.  After my massage I still had a few questions for her, so I reached out to get some additional background on her and her amazing CBD infused herbal compress balls.

1. Can you give us a little bit of background on who you are and why you started Sekala?

I received a degree of Holistic Health Science from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine here in San Diego. After graduating I spent time furthering my knowledge of herbal therapies with a medicine woman named Kadek in Indonesia. She taught me many different herbal recipes traditionally known as Jamu.

Sekala lavender salts and CBD hemp muslin compress

I’ve always had a passion for an organic lifestyle. Over the past decade, I have incorporated hemp into my skincare routine and both medicinal and recreational use of THC and CBD.

Sekala is an Indonesian healing phrase that means “Conscious World”. I believe a conscious world starts with a conscious body. When we are aware of what’s going on in our bodies, and how to take care of them, we tend to be more aware of the world as a whole.

My passion for holistic health and helping preserve ancient herbal education while supporting the communities both teaching and supplying us with these ingredients is how SEKALA massage + herbal therapy began.

2. Can you tell us what got you interested in incorporating CBD into your massages?

One method of Herbal Medicine I learned was herbal compress balls and I took a particular liking to them. Kadek taught me how to grow, harvest and dehydrate herbs that when heated can penetrate into the deepest layers of our skin. Immediately the San Diego girl in me thought about incorporating CBD into them.

3. You created CBD-infused hemp compresses to enhance your massages. Can you tell us more about what these are and what else is in them? Also, what kind of CBD are you using?

Each “ball” is 50 grams of hemp fiber, lemongrass and coriander seed infused with 200mg of full spectrum analgesic CBD oil. They are also made entirely from Hemp muslin and Hemp twine.

The therapy or enhancement feels similar to a hot stone massage as you heat the compress and rub it over the skin: It also includes natural aroma therapy from the lemongrass.

4. What are some of the benefits of utilizing these CBD-infused hemp compresses into one's massage?

CBD interacts with our bodies natural endocannabinoid system, creating anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving aspects. This allows me to manipulate muscle tissue easily.

It is also an effective method of application for people who are not interested in orally ingesting CBD, and don’t have a specific area of pain for spot application. By rubbing the compress’ over the body as a whole, it gently penetrates the skin in a very broad manner over the course of an hour.

5. What has the feedback been like from your customers in regard to CBD? Are they fairly well educated on CBD or are you finding that you are having to discuss in more detail what it is and what the benefits are?

It seems as though most clients are familiar with the term CBD. The education aspect comes in when I need to explain dosing to clients or differentiating CBD and THC. Since CBD is non-intoxicating, I reassure first time users they will not feel “high” from the treatment: Its more of a “maximum strength” vapor rub. Clients also enjoy the fact that each compress donates 1$ back to Kadek and herbal education in Indonesia.

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Written by Megan Villa

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