Fall into New Beginnings Product Guide 2020

Do you feel that gentle breeze? 


The air feels a little different this time of year.

Whether the year’s final heat wave is rippling through, heavy and thick, doing it’s last dance — or you’re finally, at long last, catching those cool breezes marking the changing of seasons, the nip of autumn beckons the spiritual season of turning inward; to cozy up, to reflect, to nourish. To heal. It’s time to settle into self care.

End the year on a high note. Tune out of the BS. Lean into comforts; nurture your inner self, releasing the frenetic energy of summer’s heat. Let the oncoming chill assuage any agitations aggravated by the hotter seasons. Cooler temperatures, cooler temperaments. 

A sigh of relief.

A pause.

It’s the last chapter of the most insane year of our lives. Set the pain and stress free — let it alllll out — and create space for healing. Grab your journal, your favorite hardcover book. Make tea, make pie, make art, make time for yourself. Breathe — and breathe deeply. Slow your pace; put on a chunky sweater, go for a long walk in the trees, turn your phone off. 

Light your candles, light the fireplace.

Draw your bath, put on a mask, forget your emails, get your horoscope in a podcast, meditate, and lose yourself in a deliciously peaceful moment. 

Roll some cinnamon CBD oil onto sore spots and pat some nourishing serum into your beautiful face; put on your fuzzy slippers and queue up Practical Magic with a big glass of cabernet, and some calm CBD mints or an evening recovery tincture, while your favorite autumnal meal simmers in the slow cooker. Rub hemp butter into dry skin and relish in the simple luxury of self massage.

May this slower, chillier season of nurturing bring the gifts of a relaxed mind and body; inner clarity, calm, and peace. Settle in. Rest. Reset.

Svn Space has assembled the best CBD wellness and beauty products to get you started this Fall. See who made our list and make sure to settle into self care.

Written by Svn Space

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