Svn (7) Hemp and CBD Products For Back To School

Parents are rejoicing, the kids think summer was too short, teachers are scrambling. It feels like yesterday when the school bell rang and signaled the beginning of summer. The time flew by in the blink of an eye.  And now it is officially “Back To School” mode.  This time of year can be a bit stressful and daunting so we put together Svn (7) Hemp + CBD products to help get you through the Back To School blues.

collage of 7 Hemp and CBD back to school products

1. Single Fin, Not Single Use Hemp/Organic Cotton Tote

Want an eco-friendly bag to carry all your books while also being an advocate for the planet? Not only is hemp fabric a great alternative to conventional cotton, it is super durable which makes it perfect  for lugging around all your books.

2. LEEF Recover CBD Roll-on

The start of the school year means many days of after school practice for all kinds of sports. This roll-on fits in your gym bag and may help with those aches and pains of after-school training (especially after a summer of laying out on the beach and doing nothing all day). 

3. Juna Travel Size Nude CBD Drops

Throw this travel size tincture into your purse so you can put a quick dropperful underneath your tongue while you are waiting in line at the school drop off to get your day started off right.

4. RE Botanicals Peppermint Relief Body Oil

Perfect for relief on the go. After school pickups, ballet lesson drop offs, helping your kids with homework (what exactly is Trigonometry again?).

5. Hempbound Book by Doug Fine

Need to do a book report on the topic of sustainability? This is the perfect book to learn about the plethora of uses for the Hemp plant. Look like a genius in front of the class when you can tell them that they can’t actually get high off Hemp.

6. Lucent Botanicals Focus CBD Mints

We can have a hard time focusing sometimes, especially when it comes to school.  These tiny mints are discreet and may be able to help you focus when the teacher is writing what looks like Chinese on the board, but is actually just the definition of Quantum Theory-huh? 

7. Lagom Bedtime Tea

You stayed up late studying and now your mind is racing and you can’t get to sleep.  This lavender/chamomile CBD infused tea may be the best way to catch some Z’s before your mid-term exam.

Written by Svn Space

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