Svn (7) Questions with Emily Heitman of LEEF Organics

Emily Heitman, CMO, LEEF Organics

1. How did LEEF Organics come about? Why the interest in hemp and cannabis?

This is a pretty interesting one, we actually started in the pet space first. We were pet parents in pursuit of wellness for our pups, by way of their everyday diet. So, what started as 3 friends home-cooking to better the health of our dogs (Cash, Kaia, Kona & Maui) turned into a passion project which (Why wouldn’t we better the lives of dogs everywhere?) turned into our labor of love, 100% organic, non-gmo, human-grade pet food balanced by whole ingredients. We geeked out, on wellness and naturally lead by one of the Paleo Paw partners Micah Anderson (soil science black belt, organic agricultural farmer/cultivator) our CBD obsession was born. More research and most importantly results, LEEF was our next evolution. Focused on impacting the lives of our fellow humans with this plant-based superfood.

LEEF Organics CBD Product grouping

2. What makes LEEF so unique in the cannabis space?

Our vertical alignment, from seed to soil to finished product we are intimately involved in the entire process and that matters. We bring products straight from farm to lifestyle.

3. You are a mother and also the co-founder and CMO of a rapidly growing brand in the cannabis space. How do you juggle these roles?

HA! Daily struggle… I make the time count and have a good husband.

4. Due to the lack of regulation for CBD products, what are some things that LEEF does in order to uphold efficacy and transparency for their customers?

We follow the strict regulations of the Bureau of Cannabis Control and California Department of public Health. Not that hemp is a drug, but if you can operate in compliance with something HEAVILY regulated, you’re certainly elevating your controls. Our parent company actively operates in the California Cannabis Marketplace, which I believe gains us credibility in the space.

5. Do you have any new products or exciting projects in the works?

NORDSTROM! We’re newly launched and beyond excited to be part of their NEW Flagship NYC Store.

6. Being in a business that is focused on health and wellness, what is it that gives you the most satisfaction at the end of the day?

Feedback, reviews, personal stories, they’re all so real and certainly drive us. We’ve been doing this along time, before it was socially accepted, we were firmly rooted in passion and efficacy!

7. If you could give any advice to first time CBD users, what would that be?

Be patient. Yes, CBD has been known to have profound immediate benefits, but we have seen our best results when the products become routine. And good news is science shows, full-spectrum products see continued results with long-term use!

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