Svn (7) Questions with Surfer, Entrepreneur Quincy Davis

Pro Surfer Quincy Davis paddling in ocean shot by Willie Kessel

1.  You grew up in the best of both worlds:  Montauk and Puerto Rico. What it was like splitting your time between these two places and how did that affect your surfing career?

I feel so fortunate to have grown up in both of these places. Both are very close to my heart and special to me. My mom and dad built a house in Puerto Rico when I was about 7 years old, so we escaped winter for a long time! I was able to surf year-round, all day every day and homeschool in the winter. That definitely played a huge part in my surfing career. Montauk is so special to me, and the East Coast in general, I love the changing seasons. 

2.  You opened a really cute little boutique in Montauk called Quincy Montauk Can you tell us what made you want to open a shop in your hometown?

The store is in the heart of my hometown Montauk, and I have been in love with the location for years. It’s a quaint little space with cedar shingles and French doors that lead to an outside courtyard. In a way, it’s always reminded me of my surfboard shed my dad built for me — minus the French doors — and that’s why my store sign is a Q, just like my surf shack.  My first thought when creating my store was to have a home for brands and products that reflect my lifestyle and that I use day to day. I also wanted to create an opportunity for brands to be able to have access to what is so magical about Montauk in the summer.
Pro surfer Quincy Davis posing on staircase in Montauk

3.  Where is your most favorite surf destination you have ever been to and why?

I love the Caribbean, it’s probably my favorite place to go surfing. I would say Tortola because it’s so special when it gets good! I am a sucker for the tropics and warm blue water, and I love the laid-back energy in the Caribbean. 

4.  You are all about clean beauty.  Can you give us your top 7 beauty products you are loving right now?

Playa haircare, Vintners Daughter serum, C and the Moon body scrub, Reverie hair milk, Solid and Striped sun care, coconut oil for my body and hair, Doctor Rogers lip balm. I love learning about new clean beauty and trying new products, especially owning a store I to bring in my absolute must-haves that are tried and true! I try and eat very clean so for me, it's equally as important that the products I put on my skin are free of chemicals. 

5.  What are some of your favorite CBD products/brands and what do you primarily use them for?

I love Open Mind Organics tincture, it is the main one I use to calm down or help with anxiety.  It’s absolutely amazing. I also recently purchased Dr. Kerklaan PMS cream for when I get cramps, and it’s really nice! 

Pro surfer Quincy Davis's store in Montauk

6.  Tell us a little bit about the event you are doing with Svn Space on Aug 17th.

I am SO excited to have Svn Space come to my shop!! It’s going to be a day of beauty and wellness exploring all the benefits of CBD. We will have CBD facials/massages, a great panel conversation, and yummy drinks and treats!

7.  If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 5 things would you want to have with you? 

Water, sunscreen, a hat, Nomad hair serum (because I gotta tame the mane) and of course my friends!! 



Written by Svn Space

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