Svn (7) Questions with fe Earth to Body

1. Can you tell us your story and how and why you started in the Hemp Space? Who inspires you and why?

It’s a theme in my life to be consistently inspired by nature, in awe of its ability to adapt and evolve to change so gracefully, and it’s this very relationship that eventually led me to a partnership with Joel. He’s a long-time farmer who has spent years dedicated to this artistry, always listening and communing with the plants, paying close attention to the way they move, grow, and interact with the world around them, ensuring that they have everything they need to not only thrive, but produce the highest quality hemp oils.

It’s a heart-first devotion and one that is deeply rooted in trust, respect, and a dedication to nurturing the sacred relationship between mother nature and humankind, and being witness to the unfolding of this relationship is an inspiration that never ceases to fade.

There are also those within the health and wellness space that have inspired me to no end, always loving, encouraging, and making room for the ups, downs, and everything in between. So much so that it would be impossible to share with you each and every person that has played a role in bringing Fe Earth to Body to life. Instead, I will leave it here, trusting that those part of this family know who they are and how much I value their unwavering presence and kind-heartedness.

I would, however, like to take a moment to highlight Emily Wiggins. She’s a Naturopathic Doctor and someone that has brought an immeasurable amount of grounding wisdom to the birth and full potential of our hemp oils.

She has an approach to life and to medicine that simultaneously honors innate human processes, holistic modalities, and lifestyle choices; Emily's vision, and the overall vision for Fe, was like an astrological alignment, her skills and experience in naturopathy, homoeopathy, energetics, and nutritional therapy are an integral part of what allows Fe hemp oils to embody the highest capacities for healing. 

2. Can you tell us what it means to be a high-touch, medicinal hemp farm in the United States and what is “Korean Natural Farming”?

Let’s start with Korean Natural Farming.

The objective of this method is to bring farming back to the farmers, ultimately helping catalyze a new epoch where farmers, consumers, and nature are in harmony,

and though we are incorporating many aspects of Korean Natural Farming, I want to make sure we are mindful of those who have been practicing this method for quite some time. That said, we are proud to be moving forward within these practices with the utmost awareness, making sure to give thanks to those leading the way.

Not only that, but we are incredibly proud to be part of the first wave of USDA organic hemp farms in the U.S. An achievement that we do not take lightly.

We’ve had our farm for about two years, and this year we’ll be taking further steps to incorporate regenerative and high-touch principles. We’ll also be growing herbs and other types of plants to lessen the monoculture that is more prominent within the hemp sector.

Additionally, we’ve implemented biodynamic farming practices rooted in the work of Rudolph Steiner. This is done through the way we sew, transplant, and harvest our crops per the biodynamic calendar as well as the cosmic rhythms.

Slowly but surely, we’ve been integrating these farming methods and are experimenting with the way we work with the earth, not only organically, but moving toward regenerative, closed-loop agriculture.

A beautiful connection that Emily Wiggins made, the Naturopathic doctor whom we work so closely with to create our product line, is how various biodynamic amendments we utilize are like homeopathic medicine for the earth. In diluting these super-concentrated amendments, like you would do in homeopathy, and applying them to the earth, makes for a natural and beautiful process. Not only is it about the dosage of the actual products and compounds in those amendments, but the energetics of how they all work together so seamlessly.

She also mentions, which I couldn’t agree more with, that you can see the difference when you visit biodynamic farms: the colors are brighter and the soil is richer. It’s undeniable how much of a difference it makes when you take the time to respect the cycle of the earth, which is what these methods of farming aim to do. 


3. As you work so closely from seed to shelf, what are some of the highs and lows of farming?

There’s an unbelievable amount of uncertainty that farmers face, a feeling that is not all that different from what humanity as a whole is experiencing right now.

No matter how carefully we step through each stage of our process to ensure the quality of our plant and our product, there will be moments outside of our control.

Farming is not only a job we show up for but it’s our chosen lifestyle. As healthy or unhealthy as it may seem from the outside, we often wake up and go to sleep with it on our minds, and when given the room, it has the potential to dictate every personal and business decision. Every passing thought. Every gesture, idea, or plan of action. I find that to be both beautiful, asking us to surrender to the natural unfolding of our journey, and terrifying, as we patiently wait to see what each day brings.

We’ve put so much heart and soul into this that it’s difficult to confront the fact that it could be taken away from us at any moment. This stands as a humbling reminder to use the tools we have available while trusting that we really are doing the best we can.

Something we can always trust in is that we grow hemp in a climate where it naturally thrives. Meaning, we’re not trying to force something that wasn’t meant to be. This allows us to create an ecosystem that will encourage an assortment of plants to thrive no matter the external factors. We also get to do all of this with an abundance of creativity. It really is such a beautiful and fulfilling process, despite the inevitable ups and downs.

4. What core values are important to you and your company?  What would you like our audience to know about your company?

We are a company founded by knowledgeable, passionate, and innovative women with the intention to create an environmentally and socially conscious brand that believes in you, the innate wisdom of your body, and its ability to heal itself.

We also believe that each plant is deeply impacted by the nourishment that it’s given, whether it be through the soil and the air, or the energy of the humans working with each plant. Let me give you an example by walking you through our extraction process.

We begin our extraction process by hand-harvesting the flower trim, taking it to a small extractor in southern Oregon to do C02 processing, which we feel is one of the cleanest and most pure ways to preserve the medicinal components of the hemp. At this point, half of the CBD is preserved in a raw form with the C02 extraction as CBDA. They’re finding that CBDA is about four times more potent than CBD and it’s decarboxylated form, and with C02 extraction, you don’t need high heat to process the material.

I personally take our yield from our farm to the extractor, watch the entire process, and bring it home again. I do this because I want to make sure that we get back what we have put into each plant.

In working with Emily to create our hemp oil blends, we’ve focused on individualized care paired with the energetic components of each plant. We looked to pick herbs that were within the same energetic family, ensuring that the blends come together in a more orchestrated way.

We also use flower essences, which are created by picking blossoms from the plant at the height of their blooming, oftentimes under a full moon and in sync with the cycles of the earth. Flower essences work on an emotional level, which means now more than ever they’re experiencing a resurgence as we find ourselves looking inward, paying closer attention to the rhythms of our aches, pains, and deepest desires.

And lastly, we believe in each individual’s intuition, heart, and capacity for change. We believe in the magic each person has to offer the world.


5. Where does the name Fe Earth to Body come from?

There’s always a longer version of this story, but since the root of it remains the same, I’ll share with you this.

Fe means faith in Spanish. Our belief is rooted in the fact that it takes a lot of faith to work with the land. With something so untamable and so wild, you have to trust in yourself as much as you trust in the process, even when much of the process is outside of your control. When looking at it from this standpoint, it’s clear to me that this level of trust goes beyond just the material plane.

It’s also important to note that this faith is upheld in the product itself: having been with the hemp plants from each seed sown, to harvest, to the CO2 extraction, to final formulating and bottling,

the trust we have built cannot be broken, no matter what unpredictability is thrown our way, making the faith between plant and human unwavering and unshakeable.

We are in this together, leaning on one another like dear friends throughout every high and low of life; it’s a faith that’s felt rather than seen. 

6. This being April 2020 and a time the entire world is managing the coronavirus – what positive advice would you give to the public who may typically turn to other vices during times of uncertainty?

This is a time to go inward, whether we want to or not, and unfortunately going inward can be met with resistance, frustration, or even anger. I want you to know that this is a normal response, just make sure that you’re being kind to yourself, moving throughout your days with plenty of room to feel it all and dropping any expectation or judgments about how you should be feeling or what you should be doing.

Above all, remember this: we’re all going to be responding differently to this crisis and that’s ok.

It’s a time of reflection and observation, taking note of our internal rhythms while getting to know and better understand our vices. Feeling into what brings us closer to ourselves and what pulls us away from.

Asking questions like, “how can I show up in a way that not only better supports those I love and the environment that I live in, but myself?”

It’s in the learning and unlearning of old habits and thought patterns that might have been harming us. It’s in the shifting and changing alongside the natural world, and right now, it’s more important than ever to address the impact that this time has on our nervous systems; if we aren’t careful, our nervous systems can be sent into a sympathetic response, often leading to chronic stress, decreased immunity, and a whole host of other issues.

CBD and full-spectrum hemp oil are incredible allies, allies that can help to prevent the nervous system from going into a negative feedback loop, something that often happens during times of intense stress (such as a global pandemic).

I believe that these tools, alongside our individual mindfulness practices, can help bring us back into a more balanced and grounded state.


7. What are some of the products in your line that you would recommend to a first time CBD user to a more experienced person?

One of the things I love most about this process is how personal it is. When it comes to choosing a product, I’d recommend using the quiz we have set up on our website; every constitution has different needs during different seasons of growth, and the blend that might work well for me might not work for you. This quiz was created for you and you alone, standing as both a support and guide through this incredibly unique and individualistic choosing process.

Of course, we are here if you have questions, but I do love the beauty found in each person's unique frequency and what that means when picking their first Fe Hemp Oil.

As far as dosage goes, for the first-time users, I would recommend using the 500 ml dosage. Upon receiving your 500 ml oil, we will include the recommended titration, which will help you to find your optimal dosing. Keep in mind that this might change depending on the amount of stress you’re experiencing and added support that’s needed because of. For the more experienced users, we recommend a 1500 ml, which is a more concentrated dilution. Again, we send out a dosing leaflet with each oil that explains how to best work with these concentrations.

To purchase fe Earth to Body products, please visit here.

About fe Earth to Body

Welcome to Fe Earth to Body, where we firmly believe in the healing support offered by our organic, biodynamic, sustainable hemp oils. And where we also believe in you – the sacred wisdom of your body and its innate ability to heal itself. Your intuition and capacity for change. Your magic.

At Fe Earth to Body, we know that you already have everything you need within you. And so our integrated collection of organic hemp oils is never about dictating answers or solutions or fixes to anything. Instead, our organic hemp oils draw on the age-old traditions of Ayurveda, and evolutionary herbalism in order to honor and uphold who you already are.


Written by: Shelby Timms and Chloe O'Neill 

Written by Svn Space

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