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1. What made you want to start a CBD company? Where does the name Incann come from?

I was someone who was stigmatized about cannabis (I actually had my first joint on my 30th birthday!) but after discovering CBD, learning more about it and ultimately trying it, I was amazed at how powerful the cannabis plant could be. 

As I did research and understood more about the endocannabinoid system, I was intrigued by what I learned and knew I wanted to somehow get involved in the industry. 

I was in a transitional period in my life and saw an opportunity to start incann. I wanted to create CBD products that would help others the way it helped me, and find purpose and meaning in a new venture. 

incann stands for ‘in cannabis’. While I am a massive fan of CBD, I believe in harnessing the power of the whole plant, and I see that as the future of cannabis. The name incann reflects and celebrates that respect for the cannabis plant.

2. Where do you source your CBD from and what makes your company and products stand out?

Our CBD is sourced from an organic hemp farm in the US. We work directly with harmers and stay really hands on throughout our product supply chain. We don't use just one manufacturer; we have different manufacturers for different products because we wanted to ensure the best possible product by working with the right people. We have a variety of products and we choose partners that specialize in a specific finished good. This ensures our finished products are the best they can be. We do this for quality and to make sure that our customers are receiving an effective natural wellness solution that will have a positive impact in their day to day lives.

3. You have a broad range of products, everything from CBD Oils to products for your Pets, what advice would you give to someone who is new to CBD? And are there any products in your line that are your personal favorites and why?

I recently saw an article published with a title along the lines of ‘don't be fooled by packaging’, and I think this is a really important message. A CBD product can look great but be completely ineffective if you’re not buying a quality product.  

Although incann has a broad range of products, we stay away from gimmicky trends and stick to CBD essentials that stay true to the plant. Advice I would give is that everyone is different, and what might work for someone might not work for another. CBD isnt one size fits all, so experiment a little and find a product that works for you. It might take a bit of time and slight adjustments to determine the best product, delivery method, strength, and routine that best suits you. If you listen to your body, adjust accordingly and stick to a routine, that’s when you see results. When it comes to our product line, my  current favorite is the Immunity tincture! Lemon oil gives it a nice light flavor, and the full-spectrum CBD is infused with turmeric and goji berry to support a healthy immune system. I’ve been taking it every morning for a few weeks now and I feel great.

4. It’s been over 2 years since the Farm Bill passed deeming Hemp an agricultural commodity (where it once was classified as a Schedule 1 Drug), do you feel that consumers are more aware of Hemp’s many benefits, and have a better understanding? What do you see as some challenges and what does your company do to make people more aware and accepting?

incann® was launched a day after the farm bill passed, and one of the main questions we got quite frequently early on was “will I get high”, whereas now we get a lot of questions about dosing, delivery methods, and things relating to cannabinoid education. Svn Space helped us create a visual dosing guide early on that we still use today, and our consumers have found it very helpful. In the past few years the stigma around cannabis has slowly started to resolve itself as people become more familiar with the idea that cannabis has medicinal value. I think a lot of people are genuinely interested in learning about cannabis and the more consumers understand about cannabis and CBD, the better off the industry is as a whole. We frequently hear that some of the people most stigmatized towards cannabis shifted their mindset because they were able to try and benefit from CBD products. I think for many people CBD is an introduction to the medicinal value that can be found in the cannabis plant. Something I’ve found challenging in the CBD industry is seeing people who would most benefit from a broad range of cannabinoids try a CBD isolate product without results and then think CBD is a hype product with no real value. As a full-spectrum CBD company we see this happen a lot with people who are new to CBD and aren't sure what to look for. This is another instance where cannabis education is key to help consumers make a good choice when they purchase any CBD product.

5. Can you tell us more about your Incann Cares Program?

The incann Cares Program is a way for us to provide discounts for people with disabilities who would benefit from CBD products. We believe that natural wellness solutions should be accessible to everyone, and we wanted to do our part through this program to make our products easy to obtain regardless of circumstances.

6. You receive many first hand testimonials from your consumers, are there any stories that have left an impression with you and do you mind sharing?

Every time a person chooses our brand to feel better, we feel the value of having products that truly help people. It makes doing our job fulfilling on multiple levels, from work we do for others, to the purpose we find in running our company. We love when customers reach out with feedback about how products have helped them. From the woman we had thank us in tears for helping her recover after a hysterectomy for stage 3 uterine and ovarian cancer, to the customer who couldn't sleep due to chronic pain and found relief in our high potency products, hearing this type of feedback makes all our work worthwhile. Hearing that someone had their first solid night’s sleep after using our products is such a great feeling. Changing someone’s life for the better is motivation to keep growing our business and developing effective products. Creating effective, safe, consistent, and impactful products that help people is why we started incann in the first place.

7. We’re starting to come out of a 2020 fog, what was Incann able to do and reflect on in 2020 that you are applying now to your business? Do you feel that people are putting health and wellness on the top of their list?

2020 was such a wild, unexpected year and getting through it required really taking things one step at a time. We experienced 2020 as individuals and as a business, and saw the impact that the pandemic was having on people's mental health and physical wellness routines. The further into 2020 we got, the more we saw people look for wellness solutions to help them cope with these unfamiliar circumstances. We believe CBD to be most effective when it is an addition to a healthy lifestyle, and saw that when faced with something as unexpected as a global pandemic, people had to be more conscious of their health. Like many small businesses we faced our fair share of challenges, but we were able to learn about our customers needs and wants and pivot in order to cater to what people needed the most. For example, a large number of people working from home said they were experiencing trouble sleeping due to being stuck inside, increased screen time, and a number of other lifestyle changes that came with being quarantined. We saw that people wanted to keep their immune systems supported in case they got sick, and they were actively looking for ways to stay on top of their health. Noticing these trends we ultimately developed two new USDA Organic tinctures, Rest and Immunity which we launched this year, to serve the changing interests of our customers.

BONUS: What one quote could you leave our audience with when it comes to our health and wellness?

One of the most meaningful quotes we stand by at incann is “Live With Intention ®”. We believe that lifestyle choices are just as important as the supplements you take to enhance your overall wellness. “Live with Intention” is an all encompassing quote we stand behind, that we feel communicates the importance of being proactive about your health and wellness. You will actually find “live with intention” on all our product packaging, as we want to remind ourselves that CBD is a tool best used to ehance existing wellness routines. We use this quote to inspire us to make choices that support our health and wellness goals. 

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About Incann:

incann aims to set higher standards for the CBD industry by creating a line of cannabis wellness essentials using carefully sourced, organic ingredients. Quality, efficacy, and transparency are the driving principles of incann's philosophy. The brand’s product line is designed to fit seamlessly into any wellness lifestyle in both form and function, suiting the needs of their diverse audience. incann is changing the way people think about cannabis wellness with high-quality CBD, made with intention.

Made with integrity - Safe to consume - Easy to use

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