Svn (7) Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Svn Valentines Day Gift Ideas by Svn Space

We (Svn Space staff) selected some of our favorite Valentine's Day products, from kissable lips to under the sheets.

1. For Fresh Breath | Lucent Botanicals Focus Mints
2. A Sweet Treat | AUR Watermellow Gummies
3. For Kissable Lips | Love Lynn Botanicals Flower Dab
4. Use Creatively | Gron Chocolate Sauce
5. Chocolate Never Felt Better | Calivolve Restore CBD Cherry Chocolate
6. A soothing massage | Moon Mother Massage Oil

7. Intimacy Just Got Better | Awaken Natural Arousal Lube

Use the code: VDAY at checkout to receive 15% off your entire order and place your orders now to get them in time for your special GALentine or Valentine.


Written by Svn Space

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