Svn Space Hemp and CBD Summer Guide

Summer isn’t always laying on the beach reading a good book or going to an incredible outdoor concert with a bunch of girlfriends. Summer can mean stress and even pain. It’s great that the kids are out of school (but not really). You now have to take them to surf camp, ceramics camp, gymnastics camp and Lego camp (which all start and finish at different times BTW). You have to constantly keep the kids entertained. And then there is the pain of summer. That sunburn you got because you went to the beach for 4 hours you were so worried about re-applying sunscreen on the kids that you forgot to re-apply more to yourself. And lest we forget about dragging all those beach necessities up and down 10 flights of stairs each day when you go to the beach (can you say sore shoulders, back, and calves?). Well, guess what? CBD may be able to help with all of this. Known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties, CBD just might be what can help get you through the summer of 2019 and actually looking forward to the Summer of 2020. And we have selected some of our favorite CBD products to get you through (that is until back to school mode starts up)

Written by Svn Space

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