Svn (7) Stocking Stuffers

You are almost done with your Holiday shopping, but you still need some special stocking stuffers for those you love. 

Don't worry, we have rounded up the perfect Hemp + CBD goodies to fill those stockings.  This time of year can be hectic and these stocking stuffers will turn Santa (ie. YOU) into the true hero of Christmas morning.

Collage of 7 CBD Stocking Stuffers

  1. The Good Patch - transdermal patches, each patch has 15mg CBD -Be Calm, Period, Hangover and Nite Nite
  2. Shea Brand CBD Pain Relief Balm, 50mg CBD
  3. Life Elements Bliss Ball Bath Bomb, 50mg CBD
  4.                          LEEF Organics, Thrival CBD Extract
  5. Yuyo Botanics Turmeric Hemp Salve, 100mg CBD
  6. Cannuka Hydrating Lip Balm, 5mg CBD
  7. Olive + M Cleansing Oil Made With Hemp Seed Oil




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