Is This The World’s Best CBD Chocolate?

You know those ads where beautiful women are luxuriously eating chocolate? Eyes closed. Lips puckered. Everything is bright and there’s a general feeling of bliss? Well, with delicious chocolate and 15mg of CBD per square, that’s exactly how you’ll feel when you eat CBD Living’s chocolate bars. 

CBD Living's CBD chocolate

I’ll admit it: I’m a five alarm, gotta have it, give-me-the-chocolate-and-no-one-gets-hurt kind of girl. I love it. And sure, I’m almost thirty, but I don’t pretend to be mature by wasting my time with dark chocolate. If I’m eating chocolate, it’s going to be milk chocolate — which is why I was so thrilled to find CBD Living’s chocolate: milk chocolatey goodness with full spectrum CBD to boot. (Don’t worry, they have a dark chocolate bar for more refined palettes.)

The first time I tried CBD Living’s chocolate it was after a long day spent with my family. Read: I was ready for all the wine and all the chocolate. I was super excited to try it because, as if it weren’t clear by now, I f’ing love chocolate. But at the same time, I wasn’t getting my hopes up. If you try enough CBD products, you come to find that they can fall short of the non-CBD versions of whatever they’re emulating. But one bite of CBD Living chocolate and I was eating my words. My initial thought was: wow, that’s really good chocolate. After I blacked out from taste bud pleasure overload, I came to and realized that it had virtually zero skunky flavor, which can happen with some edible CBD products. *wipes drool from keyboard* Carrying on…

CBD Living's CBD chocolate

Next thing I knew, I was hit with some seriously chill vibes. The box says, “Immediate Bioavailability". NO WAITING!” and boy, do they mean it! Relaxed and happy, I felt as delicious as the chocolate had tasted. Up until CBD Living chocolate, I had previously only ingested around 5-10mg of CBD before bed, either through tinctures or teas. And I’m here to tell you that the 15mg was a welcome change! And so was the 30mg, and then… 45mg. And then even 60mg. The chocolate was so good, I couldn’t stop. Me + wine + chocolate = approximately zero self-control. But upping my CBD intake was not scary in the slightest; I did not feel high, I felt like relaxed, at ease — and, OK, pretty sleepy. But after a long day it felt like a perfectly luxurious way to unwind. 

CBD and the wellness trend get lumped together a lot. But made with sugar and milk, CBD Living chocolate isn’t exactly a health trip. But I think that’s the beauty in CBD Living’s whole approach; they put “living” back in the equation with products like CBD bath bombs and CBD sour gummies. Eat the chocolate! Take a bath! Have some candy! Their products encourage a carefree, sugary sweet time — with the added benefits of CBD — and that’s something I can get behind.  

Written by Cheyenne Arnold

Svn Space Contributor

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