WOW Spotlight presents: Vanessa Florentino, Founder of Fifth and Root. A scientist by trade, an herbalist at heart.

Was Founder, Vanessa Florentino a former:

a. Prima Ballerina

b. Olympic Skier

c. Motocross Racer

If you picked motocross racer, you answered correctly. Vanessa's unfortunate injury as a badass motocross racer, has turned into a successful plant-based beauty and wellness line that we can ALL benefit from.

"After my career as a motocross racer left me with chronic injuries that Western medicine just couldn’t fix, I turned to Ayurveda, plant and energy therapies to fully recover. With transformative effects that forever changed me, both physically and spiritually, I wanted to dive deeper into the magic and mystery of plant medicine. So I took my passion to school.

I attended UC Santa Barbara, where I graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. I then gained experience through a variety of roles in skincare formulation, scale-up, and manufacturing from two of the leading CPG companies – Estee Lauder and Johnson & Johnson. As a cosmetic scientist I’ve seen thousands of plant actives tested for effectiveness, from sea algae found in the deepest parts of the ocean to tiny flowers that only blossom on Swiss mountain tops. But the skin-loving richness I’ve found from hemp is truly supernatural.

In 2018 I decided to create a brand unlike all the other “trend”-based CBD skincare companies. Fifth & Root formulas are uniquely created and developed by women scientists and herbalists in our own R&D and manufacturing facilities in Irvine, CA. We test every ingredient and every formula to ensure safety and performance, and we make sure that every formula feels heavenly. We’re passionate about vibrant skincare solutions made with the best of nature. Fifth & Root brings plant rich, spell-binding skin and body care to all women seeking real, transformative results."

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About Fifth and Root:

Born from an obsession with plants and love of clean skincare. We’re scientists and herbalists, passionate about making clean, plant-rich skincare designed to shield your skin from urban life struggles – digital exposure, sun damage, pollution, and other chemical culprits. Made from antioxidant-rich plants, essential oils, gemstones, and pure hemp oil, our glow-up skincare solutions help protect skin from daily urban stressors for healthy skin that vibes.

Written by Grace Saari

Co-Founder of Svn Space

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