FounderMade Consumer Discovery Show Recap

We were thrilled to be a part of FounderMade's Consumer Discovery Show West 2019 in Santa Monica, CA.  We launched our Hemp is Femme campaign on 10/10 with the purpose of bringing awareness for women to maintain equal footing in this emerging, fast-paced and booming industry where Hemp-derived CBD sales alone are predicted to reach 20 billion by 2024*.

As exciting as this industry is, there is a shift happening where women-owned businesses and females holding a director or executive level roles are dwindling. The presence of the Hemp is Femme campaign at FounderMade was to showcase 12 curated female-owned brands, share their stories and showcase their beautifully crafted CBD products.

We led a panel conversation titled "THE FUTURE OF HEMP IS FEMALE" on the main stage with Emily Heitman, CMO of LEEF Organics and Christie Tarleton, Co-Founder of Yuyo Botanics. The panel focused on how supporting women today can capture their buying power now. Covering topics that include statistical infographics on the current state of the industry to share exactly how to support female-owned businesses.

We also provided attendees with a Buyer's Guide on what to look for when buying a CBD product. Attendees also experienced hand and neck massages provided by Lalena Spa with CBD moisturizing products from LEEF and Blue Willow while sipping on Hemp extract teas from Kirra.

And thank you to FounderMade as we are truly honored to be named “2019 FounderMade Breakout Brand.”

Svn Space named 2019 Breakout Brand at FounderMade Consumer Discovery Show in Santa Monica California

Megan Villa


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