Hemp A Plant That Can (fill in the blank)

Hemp, the close 'sister' often confused with cannabis, has a reported 25,000 uses... but how is that so? With the entire world on pause (due to Covid-19), we took a moment to see how one plant could help our communities, create job opportunities, heal, feed, clothe, house and heal our planet. 

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and our 2nd birthday, we asked the Hemp community to submit a video titled "Hemp, a plant that can______", asking each individual to "fill in the blank". If this were a survey conducted, it further validates the vast potential of Hemp. Each and every response received was different on not only what Hemp can do but what it means to each individual. A plant with a historical past dating as early as 8,000 BC used in Chinese medicine, creating rope and textiles to our founding fathers who grew and allowed farmers as their patriotic duty to pay taxes with hemp. Hemp spent the last century, mislabeled, misunderstood and classified as a schedule I drug until the 2018 Farm Bill was signed and finally deemed an agricultural commodity.

Hemp today has a new story and one that continues to unfold through discovery, research and innovation.

Special thanks to the Hemp community for connecting us all with one love for a plant that can feed you, house you, clothe you, heal you, beautify you and so much more...  

In this video:

Grace Saari


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