How to Use a Gua Sha Stone and a Balancing Facial Oil with Floramye CBD

Curious or don't exactly know how to add CBD as an ingredient to your daily beauty routine? This helpful "How to Video" shows you how to use a Gua sha stone with buzz worthy skincare ingredient CBD.

Floramye's Balancing Facial serves as a powerful antioxidant and is carefully formulated with regenerative, rejuvenating certified organic ingredients, our facial oil imparts a glowy, dewy appearance while nourishing your skin from the outside, in.

Adding the guasha stone tool only further reduces inflammation and is cool to the touch on your skin's surface. Just as our bodies can hold tension from poor posture, our facial muscles can hang to stress from jaw clenching or squinting. Gua sha relaxes muscles, which causes a reduction in wrinkles and encourages firmness in the skin." 


About Floramye:

Floramye’s legacy has roots in the 1920s, when it debuted as a French perfume house. We can imagine our great-grandmothers admiring the art-deco bottles on their vanities, with their striking Lalique and Baccarat designs.

We’ve resurrected the Floramye brand name and its elegant ethos, infusing it with a modern, sustainable sensibility. Today’s Floramye products are blended with fragrant essential oils and created in small batches, just like their namesake perfume. But they are designed to be functional as well, thanks to the addition of a key wellness ingredient: full-spectrum, organic hemp CBD oil.

May Allison Floramye CBD

Founder of Floramye, Allison’s Great-Grandmother May Allison Osborne, Silent Screen Movie Star (above)

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