How To Video: Kiskanu CBD Face Oil And Gua Sha

You’ve just bought some CBD facial hemp oil and you’re ready to take it out of it’s gorgeous packaging and smooth it all over (we love Kiskanu’s CBD Face Oil and are obsessed with their packaging).

A few drops of hemp oil will no doubt smooth and soften,  but  if you’re game to spend a few extra minutes to work the product in, we’ll show you the best techniques to massage the skin, de puff and reduce the effects of chronic pain.

Why we love gua sha.

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese massage therapy that involves using a multi-faceted tool to direct and break up stagnant energy or chi. The process of gua sha drains the lymphatic system and effectively reduces inflammation to promote healing. Inflammation is the underlying cause of many conditions associated with chronic pain so we’ve combo’d the best inflammation fighters we know, hemp-derived CBD and gua sha, to combat it on all fronts.

Gua sha can be performed on a person’s back, buttocks, neck, arms, and legs but we’re going to use the adapted gentler version of the massage for the face. Put on your favorite relaxing playlist, or listen to ours, get comfortable and let’s get glowing. 

1. It all starts with a fresh face. For maximum oil absorption and brighter complexion, we are going to gently exfoliate as we cleanse. Pro tip:

Transform your favorite everyday cleanser into a natural exfoliant by adding a pinch of organic cane sugar. Gentle circles buff skin and the glycolic acid stimulates cell turnover.

2. Now that we have a clean damp face let’s oil up. We love a small drop of hemp oil on each plane of the face. A drop for the forehead,

each cheek, and the chin. Rub your hands together for warmth and then lightly smooth the drops up and outward.

3. With our faces primed, we’re ready to contour and comb with our “Surf Fin" Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone. Using the curved edge of the tool, hold at a 15-degree angle and use gravitational pressure to smooth over the jaw bone moving outwards. One hand holds the tool, the other holds the skin taut. Repeat this fluid motion 5 times slowly, think ritual not rush, and then move to the cheekbone and brow bone.

4. Rotate the tool and use the scalloped comb edge to lift. This time only using the tool to touch your face, pull from cheek to hairline, temple to hairline, center eyebrow and between the brows.

When you’re finished, clean off your gua sha tool and put the hemp oil and gua sha stone front and center in your medicine cabinet. We can guarantee you’ll be reaching for it soon.


Written By:  Hannah Jayne

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