Juneshine X Svn Space CBD + Hemp Popup Shop Re-Cap

We were so excited to align with the amazing team at Juneshine for a number of reasons. First and foremost, sustainability is top of mind for both of our companies which is why at Svn Space we want to educate consumers about Hemp first, all of the vast benefits including CBD. Second, we were graced by Lex Weinstein (sounds like Einstein), Surfer, Svn Space Contributor and Conscious Creative and Creator of Sea & Soil to speak to how Hemp has made an impact in her life and how it can be incorporated into yours as a consumer and steward for the planet. And last? Who wouldn’t want to learn about Hemp, CBD while drinking the effervescent Alcoholic Kombucha from Juneshine and non-alcoholic, chef-crafted Kombucha from Bambucha! All great things for you and your body.

Since last year, the focus of our Pop-ups were to educate consumers on the lifestyle benefits of Hemp and CBD with our first pop-up. We continue to go store after store as we align with brands, companies, and stores that are aligned with our core values and mission to know that there are alternatives out there.

Svn Space X Juneshine CBD Popup panel discussion Megan Villa, Lex Weinstein

We had a great evening with a very engaged crowd to learn more about Hemp, the many uses and that we have the purchase power to impact change on a consumer, retailer and global level.

THANK YOU Lex, for being the badass you are and consummate activist for the planet leading by example and leading the way and to the Juneshine team, for a wonderful evening, a beautiful space to speak and providing us with an alcoholic Kombucha “we could feel good about drinking!”

Enjoy the little recap video and where we’re popping up next. Going back East to Quincy Mtk, in Montauk NY!

Crowd at Svn Space X Juneshine CBD Popup San Diego

About Juneshine:

A year ago, we were wandering the aisles of our grocery store and noticed there was a sustainable, transparent option in nearly every consumer category–except alcohol. This led us to ask: why do we know so much about the food we eat, but so little about the alcohol we drink?

We grew frustrated by the lack of honest transparent alcohol brands catering to our healthy active lifestyle and decided to start our own.

We created a team of adventurers, artists, and creatives who share our passion and want to leave a positive impact on the environment.

We fell in love with the refreshingly smooth taste of jun kombucha and made it our mission to brew the highest quality and healthiest jun kombucha.

Svn Space


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