Shop Good x Svn Space CBD + Hemp Popup Shop Re-cap

A CBD + HEMP POP-UP by Svn Space. A shop and learn destination featuring a carefully curated line of premium CBD and Hemp products.

Shop Good

Talk about clean living... we were thrilled to align with Leah Kirpalani, founder of Shop Good. Shop Good is a unique and much needed store that is changing the way we think, purchase and apply products to our daily routines. We closed the end of March as part of their "Art of Chill" month where we held a weekend-long pop-up. 

First, here's what to know about Shop Good. Their mantra, "it's time to start living the good life while still placing your health and body as priority number one." Second, we are so grateful to Shop Good as they support women in "gaining good healthy by making healthy living fun, fashionable, accessible and simplified."

Our panel conversation was about CBD and CBD in beauty and even more exciting was the support from the community. We were so impressed and learned more about ourselves, this Industry from the half-hour Q&A that followed after. This is why we do what we do, to engage in real conversations that covered everything from the latest innovations to a topic that needed to be discussed on decriminalization. Our opinions on decreasing or removing penalties for possession of cannabis especially in states where cannabis becomes legal for 'recreational use'. 

We want to thank Leah, the team and our change agent panelists, Melissa from Loden and Kayla from Luna Volta who are leading the charge not only in the CBD space but on a mission to educate and bring forth transparency. We also want to thank YOU for coming out and being part of the discussion...  Please sign up for our newsletter to learn about our next pop-up this month!

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