Ma Wovens Hemp Ritual Rug: One of the Most Sustainable Yoga Mats Out There

Ma Wovens is a conscious Woven goods brand and (Ma)kers of the Ritual Rug; a hand-woven Yoga mat made with organic Hemp and non-toxic bio-degradable rubber.

This yoga mat meets towel, is slip-free, and arguably the most sustainable yoga mat available. With its beautiful textile aesthetic, it can be left out as decoration in your home and versatile enough to pack up and take to the beach. 

Ma Wovens Hemp Ritual Rug Yoga Mat

supply chain. She has created face-to-face relationships with each partner along the way and vetted them for ethical and sustainable philosophies that align with the brand. Ma put a test run into production to identify any hiccups. Shockingly, the quality came back even better than expected. So now with ethical sourcing and artisan manufacturing in place, Ma is turning to Kickstarter to fund production and hit minimums. 

Organic Hemp is no longer just the stuff you put in your smoothies. Now you can sweat, stretch, meditate, whatever you want on it because it’s woven into your new yoga mat. 

Ma Wovens Hemp Ritual Rug Yoga Mat

Features & Benefits of the Ritual Rug:

  • Yoga Mat meets Towel. Symbiotically fused into one superior product. 
  • Hand-woven by master weavers on looms. 
  • Materials: Organic Hemp & Non-Toxic TPE Rubber. 
  • Hemp is durable, anti-microbial, and considered one of the most sustainable plants on Earth. 
  • TPE rubber is non-toxic, natural, and bio-degradable. It does not off-gas like many other yoga mats on the market. 
  • Ethically sourced eco-materials and artisan manufacturing. 
  • SLIP – FREE! The alternating rubber ribbing woven between the hemp textile creates a gripping slip free surface without sacrificing the cushion we are used to with traditional yoga mats. 
  • The founder, Kelly Peyton personally traced the supply chain from start to finish. From her studio in Portland, Oregon to spending time with the master weavers at the artisan weaving studio in India. She spent time with each partner and created personal relationships with each. 
  • The textile aesthetic of the ritual rug allows it to be displayed in homes rather than hidden like traditional yoga mats.  It’s beautiful. You can hang as a tapestry, place under your coffee table, leave it rolled in your blanket basket.

Ma Wovens Hemp Ritual Rug Yoga Mat

Ma Wovens would love your support in helping to get their Ritual Rug to market.
For more info and to donate to their Kickstarter campaign, click here.
*Donations range from $10-2,500. Reward tiers include ritual rugs, small gifts, and an all-inclusive yoga retreat in Mexico. 

Written by Svn Space

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