Svn (7) Ways Hemp Can Help You and the Planet

How it all started...

My first understanding of Hemp was a hacky sack in High School. If you’re reading this and don’t know what that is… well, I feel goddamn old. A hacky sack is literally made from the earth, using hemp and sand. A small golf sized ball wrapped in Hemp fabric and filled with sand to kick around to keep up in the air and if you were the one to drop it, well, you weren’t on the lacrosse or soccer team ;). People of my generation remember this hacky sack as rough in texture, having a “earthly” smell and adorned in Rasta colors of red, yellow, green and black. The “hippies” or “stoners” of our school used to play for hours in some abandoned spot of our High School. It was these “hippies” who were the real stewards of the planets and on to something that most of us disregarded as a useless material… who’s laughing now? Little did I know, Hemp was one of the first plants to be spun into usable fiber over 10,000 years ago.


Instead of walking you through the History of Hemp, fast forward to April 22nd Earth Day 2021 where Hemp is now becoming more widely accepted and being used to provide wellness products, food, clothing (from high fashion runways to everyday staples), accessories like watches, sneakers and sustainable construction materials for homes and buildings. Innovation and enlightened thinking from forward thinkers and tinkerers, Jungmaven, Hemp Black, Hemp Eyewear, Du Chanvre, 8000 Kicks and Hempitecture, who are just a few companies doing something about it – to replace toxic, harmful, contaminating materials and replacing with industrial HEMP (from Cannabis Sativa) instead.


The benefits (and misunderstandings) of Hemp did not truly come to light until I was approached by my now current partner in crime Monica, over 3 years ago. Monica was a pioneer herself within the action sports world, where she was named the first female publisher within the predominantly male world of skateboarding, and her work has helped transition the visibility and culture of action sports from a niche arena to the mainstream market. She is my she-ro for multiple reasons and had a vision to bring Hemp into the limelight. "Hey Mon" (punny?), you mean you want to make fashion designer hacky sacks? Along with my passion and expertise in lifestyle branding at retail, coupled with my right arm, Graphic Artist and creative extraordinaire, Ashley Munson, together we focused on rebranding, de-stigmatizing, demystifying, elevating and sharing the many benefits of this incredibly versatile plant.


We brainstormed with our other partners and with the same small team intact today, we created Svn Space. Svn, short for seven, as there are typically seven leaves depicted in mainstream media and in a healthy Hemp plant. Internally, we use the number 7 as inspiration in our daily content to simply giving us those lucky vibes – lucky #7, 7 days in a week, God made the 7th day for rest, 7 Maids of Milking, 7 Minutes in Heaven… I digress.


Svn Space was launched on 4:22pm on 4/22 intentionally on Earth Day as a reminder to us that Hemp can help in a variety of ways while healing the one planet we all live on. Svn Space is a female-focused multimedia platform dedicated to educating the mainstream on the many lifestyle benefits of Cannabis with a focus on Hemp, and plant-based wellness. Our company includes a curated and premium e-commerce shopping experience with a variety of hand-selected items by an expert panel of women, as well as educational content through thought-provoking articles, print issues, videos and a podcast. THE Space podcast is hosted by the lovely Dominique Astorino, wellness and CBD expert and all-around amazing human. And as we reflect on our 3rd year Anniversary celebrated on earth day, we want to thank all of our talented contributors (past and present) and team from Photographers to Writers including Megan, Serena, Maritza, Gretchen, Cheyenne, Liam, Cole, Lex and Andrea. It starts with a small army to create a modern hemp revolution.


Today and every day, we are committed to how we could make Hemp a staple in everyone’s homes from plant-based wellness to the clothes on our back. By choosing and demanding Hemp, we have the power to influence multiple industries, retail environments, create jobs, inspire, ignite clinical research and be innovative.


Although Hemp has a reported 25,000 uses, to countdown to Earth Day and celebrate Hemp, here are just Svn (7) Fun Facts.



DeforestationDeforestation and how Hemp can help




Hemp vs. Marijuana
Hemp vs. Marijuana explanation


Hemp vs. Cotton
Hemp vs. Cotton explanation



Hemp Seed Benefits
Hemp Seeds Explanation



Bioremediation and Hemp


Hemp healing
Hemp Healing explanation



Hemp Benefits


We ask you to join us in this modern green evolution and modern Hemp revolution. How? Subscribe to our newsletter, learn more about Hemp and plant-based alternatives, choose, buy and demand Hemp and let’s all honor a plant that has the power to feed you, house you, clothe you, beautify you, heal you and so much more…

Grace Saari


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