Love Lynn Botanicals

Flower Lip Dab

$16 $32

SIZE: .25oz

Strength: 25mg

Travel size, this hemp infused lip dab is made from full spectrum CBD oil and a dozen other skin nutrient oils with a tiny bit of mica for a totally subtle kissable lip gloss without any chemicals. The beeswax base also protects from sun.

Adds a subtle kissable subtle glow to lips, shoulders, cheekbones and makes you say ahhh .25oz

Available in pearl, garnet, and grapefruit.


Ingredients: oils of lavender, grape seed, fractionated coconut, avocado, jojoba, argon, kukui, sunflower, sweet almond vitamin e, essential oils, organic beeswax, mica, 25mg full spectrum hemp oil (less than .3% thc)

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