Paradise Club

Sunshine CBD Topical & Ingestible Elixr


Size: 1 oz

Strength: 600mg CBD

Liquid Sunshine in a bottle. Used as a topical or ingestible, Paradise Club's Sunshine Elixir helps hydrate and nourish your body, so you can soak in all the goodness inside AND out. Sunshine Elixir will help send rays of calm over your body. Best served with a side of self-love. 

Directions: Add 2-3 drops on your skin to moisturize or add 2-3 drops to any beverage or directly under your tongue. 


+ FULL SPECTRUM HEMP OIL- promotes hydrations of skin, can help relieve stress & anxiety. Promotes an overall calmness to your day. 

+ HEMP SEED OIL- high in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins A, C & E, which will help signs of aging and counteract free-radical damage

+ AVOCADO OIL- hydrates and calms skin, great source of antioxidants and fatty acids 

+ VITAMIN D- powerful anti-aging properties, help protects skin from UV rays and promotes skin cell turnover. Liquid sunshine boosts mood just like being in the sun!

+VITAMIN B6- assists with growth and repair of skin cells. Improves mood and helps symptoms of depression.

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