Aedes De Antedotum Set


Size: 9ml per bottle

Strength: 150mg CBD per bottle

Antedotum's mini duo is a great entry point for the CBD novice or the convert who wants a portable, need-it-at-all-times version of Antedotum's best-selling Skin Perfecting Pair. Their hero Vital Oil transforms texture and tone, while diminishing dark spots and our Elixir Firming Serum firms, tightens and revitalizes so you can get your holiday glow on.

Comes with their new Antedotum Nomad Pac to make organizing your toiletries and everyday essentials a snap. Made of easy-to-care for washable nylon, our boxy pac is deceptively spacious and features a wide rectangular base and top so packing and closing are effortless. Zipper closure and stainless steel pull.

Mini Elixir Firming Serum 9ml

This rejuvenating nectar is designed to aid collagen restoration and leave skin firm, denser to the touch and exceptionally hydrated. Advanced botanical science creates a plant-based liquid crystal veil that hugs skin for a bouncy, yet taut complexion. Combined with our transformative, full-spectrum (whole plant) CBD which contains one of the highest concentrations of cannabinoids, including both CBD and CBG.

What it does:

  • aids collagen restoration
  • offers exceptional hydration
  • antidote to sagging, dark spots and hyperpigmentation

Mini Vital Face Oil 9ml

This multi-hyphenate oil contains everything your skin needs to nourish, protect, calm and regenerate. Packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins, essential oils and our transformative, full-spectrum CBD, which contains one of the highest concentrations of cannabinoids, including both CBD and CBG. An antidote to lackluster, inflamed and dehydrated skin or tired, neglected complexions in need of some TLC. The formula invisibly melts into the skin because of its unique equilibrium of squalane, nutritious oils and fatty acids, giving it a hyper-luxurious feel that absorbs quickly but leaves skin with a visible glow and dewy gloss. Skin is nourished, plump, clearer and remarkably smooth.

What it does:

  • reduces redness and inflammation
  • protects, calms and regenerates
  • antidote to lackluster and dehydrated skin

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