Portland Apron Co.

Hemp Apron Split Leg (Sand)


Ease-of-use, a simple feature but so very helpful as you cook, wash dishes or garden. The two split panels allow for better movement and lift either of the panels to wipe away spills or dry your hands like a small hand towel. It measures 35 inches tall by 34 inches wide and 9 inches across the chest. It has one chest pocket and one right side hip pocket. Waist tie can be tied in front or in back.

AND WHY do we LOVE these hemp aprons? We teamed up with Portland Apron Company because the hemp she uses is organic, and sustainably grown and harvested. “It is manufactured following strict fair trade practices; employees are well trained, safe, paid fairly, and are provided health insurance, sick and maternity leave benefits. No child labor is used. The dyes used are low impact, fiber reactive dyes. These dyes are nontoxic, safe, eco friendly, and require only low temperature water processing.” - Portland Apron Company

Hemp is a sustainable plant that requires no pesticides or herbicides. It’s a versatile plant that can grow extremely fast in any kind of climate. It keeps our soil healthy and uses very little water. It’s considered one of the most versatile, sustainable and strongest plants on earth, gets better and softer with age AND it’s one of the many reasons why the future should be made of hemp.

Machine wash cool, tumble dry low or line dry. Your apron will be crisp and ironed upon arrival, daily use and washing will bring out it's natural beauty and soften it.

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