CBD + Nature

Survival Kit

$75 $150

Meet your new travel companion! A medley of CBD+nature products in a compact travel size with a handmade leather bag.

Includes the following CBD+nature products.

The Tincture- Full spectrum European Hemp Oil.

Take this to relax or as a sleep-aid before, during, or after your flight!

(Travel Size 150mg / 15ml)

Relief Cream- Aches and pains when you fly? Use this peppermint based CBD cream to relieve aches and pains or as an anti-inflammatory for your under eyes.

(Travel Size 20mg / 15ml )

Luscious Lips + Eyes- Airplane rides and new climate can make us all dry. Hydrate your lips + eyes with this CBD botanical rich balm.

(Full Size 25mg / 5ml)

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