Shea Brand

CBD Natural Pain Reliever


Size: 2 oz.

Strength: 50 mg CBD

CBD Natural Pain Reliever is a protective shea butter moisturizer that carries CBD into your body through the skin providing relief from pain associated with muscle aches, soreness, chronic joint pain and irritated skin. For maximum therapeutic effects it's made with arnica oil, and hard-hitting essential oils like black pepper, cinnamon, eucalyptus, ginger, peppermint, and wild oregano, offers a wide range of antioxidant properties, and can be used anywhere on the body.

CBD is a non psychoactive compound found in Cannabis. It interacts with cannabinoid receptors located all throughout the body to mediate homeostasis, connectivity and healing.

Distinctive Benefits:

  • Chronic pain (ex. arthritis, fibromyalgia)

  • Localized nerve and joint pain

  • Muscle inflammation, aches and soreness

  • Skin conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis)

  • Migraines and headaches (rub on temples)

  • Wounds, cuts, scrapes and bruises

  • Dry skin, rashes and blisters

Ingredients: Organic shea butter*, 99% pure CBD Isolate, Vitamin E, Arnica oil*, Proprietary blend of essential oils (contact for details), Certified Organic ingredient*

Directions: Apply to skin as needed (see Distinctive Benefits). Feel the cooling sensation melt any tension away.

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