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Svn Space is a female-focused multimedia platform dedicated to educating the mainstream on the lifestyle benefits of cannabis, with a focus on Hemp. Hemp is a plant that can feed you, house you, clothe you, heal you and beautify you.

Named breakthrough brand of 2019 by FounderMade, Svn Space is set to rebrand Hemp and uncover the thousands of benefits by bringing you the latest information through original videos, unique content, events and much more.

For years, cannabis has had a certain connotation (“alright, alright, alright” – Dazed and Confused, circa 1993), and our aim is to reverse stigmas, reveal the truth, and modernize the perception of this often-misunderstood plant.

We’re conscious, passionate, thought provoking women made up of moms, daughters, and girlfriends with a deep desire to create an innocuous space featuring the pioneers and trailblazers, covering everything from beauty, wellness, fashion, cooking and lifestyle.

THANK YOU for being part of our Modern Hemp Revolution as we promise to always be authentic and… to never be boring ;)

Fun fact: Pronounced Seven (Svn) Space, there are seven leaves in a healthy Hemp plant and it’s a guiding principle we use daily.