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No. 1 Hemp Resource for Women

Svn Space is a female-focused multimedia platform dedicated to educating the mainstream on the lifestyle benefits of Hemp. Hemp is a plant that can feed you, house you, clothe you, heal you and beautify you. 

We’re conscious, passionate, thought provoking women made up of moms, daughters, and girlfriends with a deep desire to create an innocuous space featuring the pioneers and trailblazers, covering everything from beauty, wellness, fashion, cooking and lifestyle. Our aim is to reverse stigmas, reveal the truth, and modernize the perception of this often-misunderstood plant.   

"Svn Space held tight to their values and continue to this day to uplift and present quality brands and informed voices who take us just a bit "higher with equal amounts of charm and grit to entice us and hold our interest."

-Barbara Kramer, Founder, The Plant Lore Agency

"The Svn Space team truly deliver on their promise to make CBD and hemp a wellness lifestyle through trusted education, conversation and partnerships."

-Pelin Thorogood, President & Co-Founder, Wholistic Research & Education Foundation

Svn Space Shop

All of our products we sell are put through a vetting process of svn (7) check points before being approved for our shop: COA (Certificate of Analysis), Sourcing, Transparency, Sample & Use, Testimonials, Branding and Mission & Ethos.